Saturday, August 24, 2013

24th Aug 2013 - Dinner at ILs house

been a long time since we had dinner together and so today we decide to potluck and have dinner together...
me - prawn tang hoon and XO scallops and broccoli
 young sil - cereal pork chop
 young BIL - honey chicken
 plain deep fried pork cutlets  for the kids
 MIL - fried leeks
 elder SIL - marinated cucumber with chicken innards
 Young SIL - msia styled bak kut the
 MIL - steamed crabs
 elder sil -steamed fish
 see our spread of food on the table...
 played and chat a while after dinner and we decide to go NEX for a short walk.. there is a lego fair going on and the kids are so happy...

Saturday, August 17, 2013

17th Aug 2013 - Dinner with Auntie Annie

Meihui suggested to have dinner at this Mariner's Corner today.. she finds the food here nice.. Mariners Corner restaurant that is located at the 1st floor of a building that is opposite to Pinnacle@Duxton.
 The interior is very old school and cosy and is like dining in the cruise cabin.
 For the price of $4.80, we can top up to a complete meal that consists of coffee/tea/softdrinks, soup of the day and free flow of salad from the salad bar. I will strongly recommend to top up to this complete meal as the selection from the salad bar is quite huge and most of it tastes great especially the coleslaw that tastes a little sour with crispy lettuce.
 Calamari ($6.00), nice, crispy on the outside.
 Tiger prawn and fish combo ($19.50), my brother in law ordered this and commented that the cheese that covered the prawn is nice and both the prawn and fish are fresh.
 Lobster and steaks combo ($25.80), the lobster they served is quite huge and fresh. The steak is grilled nicely to what I want at medium rare. Great dish for people whom love steak. The steak is soft and tender.
 Spaghetti Marinara ($16.80), I did not try this but from the look, this looks yummy
 we drive over to Garden by the Bay after dinner...

Thursday, August 15, 2013

15th Aug 2013 - Cycling Gear from Gong Gong

Jayden is into cycling now and to cultivate the safety in cycling, we wanted to buy him helmet and arm and knee guard.. my mum suggested asking my dad to buy back from China.. and finally the long waited helmet and guards are back as my dad is coming back today...
Jayden is the most happy and he immediately as us to help him try it on...

 to avoid fighting over the stuffs, my clever dad buys back 2 sets.. one set for Jaycus too... hehe..

Saturday, August 10, 2013

10th Aug 2013 - Sentosa Outing with Friends

we are meeting to go S.E.A. Aquarium today but ends up we never go coz the queue is super crazy long today and so we decide to go Sentosa Island instead..
 we are taking the free bus to bring us into Sentosa island from RWS
 since its already 1.30pm when we reach Sentosa Island, we decide to buy tickets to this 4D adventureland.. I think the kids will love this than us.. a little kiddy to us.. there are 3 parts to this adventureland, 1) 4D movie 2) 4D movement ride 3) 4D acarde game...

 As Laikong and Krystal are leaving early for family dinner, we decide to take a bus to Chinatown to meet Andy and Debbie for dinner.. Yip came with her friends the other day and she says the food here is nice so she decide to ask us for dinner at this Kok Sen Restaurant again. A small coffee shop that is located near Hotel 1929. It can be very packed during dinner time and so do come early for seats.
 Claypot Yong Tau Foo, think this is one of the specialty as most of the tables will order this. The yong tau foo is deep fried and simmer in a delightfully nice and thick sauce. This does not cause the yong tau foo to become soggy but instead it absorb the sauce and you can still taste the prawns in the paste. A very nice dish.
 Hor Fun, I think this is one of the best hor fun I have tasted so far. Their hor fun has the wok hei taste and the sauce is nice with strong taste of seafood. The ingredients they use are fresh and we wiped this out in minutes.
 Fried spring chicken, the staff that takes our order recommend this dish to us. The chicken is tender and juicy. The skin is crispy and it tastes even better if you dip and eat with the salt/pepper they provide together with this dish.
 Spare ribs king, nice dish. Thou the meat is deep fried first and coated with the sweet sour sauce, but the meat is still tender, juicy and is well marinated. The sauce is nice. Great dish to go with white rice.
 Staffs here may not be prompt as they are very busy at times but they are nice people, and so do ask them for their recommended dishes and they are most happy to assist you with this.
Not knowing where to go after dinner, Andy drives us to Haagen Dazz at Siglap for desserts..

A well spend day with my poly friends..
Kok Sen Restaurant is located at:
30B Keong Saik Road
Haagen Dazz Siglap is located at:
907 East Coast Road, #01-05