Monday, November 8, 2004


6th november... 23yrs ago i was brought into this world by my beloved mother... haha
well... i was very happy tat day... i had a small celebration at home wif my parents, sis, bro, hong, tracy n kathy.. my birthday cake was a choc cake from Lana Cakes... very very nice... haha

next, we went to CAI REN ZI JIA to sing.. there, a lot pple came joined us.. shuxian, pauline, june, xiao guang, ken, jimmy, marcus, oliver, andy n his gf.. i was presented wif lots of presents from them.. haha.. so happy.. haha

next, we went over to DBL O for a drink.. i was forced to drink 2 tequila pop... but luckily lor.. they actually wanted me to drink graveyard but i managed to bargain wif them.. if not i think most prob they have to dragged me home liao... haha...