Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Morning Sickness

been having morning sickness the past 2 days.. every morning sure will go toilet n throw out.. very terrible feeling..

somemore bb is very naughty.. i cant sleep at night but sleep well in the afternoon.. my fren who saw me say my eye circles r getting darker.. hehe..

going see doc ang, my GP this fri instead of 24th dec. Called doc ang yest and ask her if its alright to have yellowish n brownish discharge at this stage, doc ang advise me to go see her earlier.. hopefully things will b fine for bb...

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

5th Dec 07 - home cooked dinner

Date: 5th Dec 2007 Wednesday

been a while since i cooked for darling and so today i decided to cook for darling.. hehe

darling's fav - ginger pork
fried cabbage
darling fav soup - sour si chuan cai soup

Family Studio Photo

i ever mention in the previous blog that my family went for our 1st family photo taking at a studio bcoz my sis has graduated from uni.. have mention that i will post those photos here when i got back the soft copy but too bad.. wat they returned us r not edited and so bo bian coz they say copy right wor.. haiz.. i took those photos on the album with my hp.. a bit blur but no choice :(

for the package we took, we have a canvas and we took this pic

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Prima Deli

yest, the news reported a series of posioning cases after they ate chocalate cakes from prima deli.. me n si gim are supporters of prima deli choc fudge cake.. think for the time being, it will be unwise to buy the cake.. hehe.. hopefully the prob will b solved soon and i can eat their choc fudge cake again.. hehe..

here's the latest news from yahoo website:-

SINGAPORE: The Agri—Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) has ordered a PrimaDeli factory to shut down its operation.

AVA said that "in view of the food poisoning outbreak and severity of the situation, Prima Food is required to stop all operations at the factory with immediate effect until the outbreak is over".

Prima Food is the management of the home—grown bakery chain PrimaDeli.
In the meantime, the company is required to step up the hygiene and sanitation standards in the factory, and to review the food processing procedures thoroughly.
AVA will continue to carry out inspections at the factory, and the company will only be allowed to resume food production when all is safe.

At the same time, Prima Food has decided to temporarily close all retail outlets from Wednesday. Tentatively, retail operations are expected to resume on 11 December.
Prima Food also said it "regrets" that 106 people were taken ill after eating its contaminated chocolate cakes. It said the entire bakery processing facility is undergoing disinfection.

Initial investigations had found that one of its workers could have been a carrier of the Salmonella bacteria. However, he had shown no symptoms.

Salmonella is a group of bacteria that can cause fever, diarrhoea, vomiting and abdominal pain.

Of the 106 cases of food poisoning, six tested positive for Salmonella.
Some of the victims bought the cakes as early as 19 November and the latest case was reported on 26 November. Six were hospitalised but all have since been discharged.
This prompted the Health Ministry and AVA to issue an advisory on Monday, asking the public to throw away any unconsumed chocolate cakes bought from PrimaDeli.
Prima Food said 50 of its food handlers went for health screening last week to make sure they are medically fit and not carriers of any bacteria—borne conditions.
PrimaDeli has also recalled and discarded 400 chocolate cakes and is cooperating with the Health Ministry and AVA in their investigations.

However, with the disinfection and recall, PrimaDeli cakes are now in short supply. One franchisee said customers were quick to adapt. Many switched to vanilla sponge cakes and only a couple of customers have cancelled their orders.

For Jeffrey Voon, whose family of six suffered food poisoning after eating his mother’s birthday cake bought from PrimaDeli, he wants an explanation and compensation for what they went through.

PrimaDeli has set up a hotline — 62777171 — to address the public’s concerns.

a new blog posted

i have a new blog.. do chk it out

Checkup at Doc Ang

Date: 4th Dec 2007

went to Dr Ang, my GP for a checkup and to confirm bb presence. I told her abt my positive result and she calculated my possible EDD and the date i conceive. My EDD is around 4th Aug 2008 and i conceive ard the date 8th to 10th nov 07.. and bb is now 5wk old.. hehe..

i was bought into another room whr dr ang inserted a scope liked equipment into my vagina.. she then show us our bb.. bb is very small now.. only a small dot ard 8.5mm big.. bb will slowly develop and i am supposed to go back for a chk up on xmas eve 24th dec 07 for another chkup, by then bb will be 8wks old and we will be able to hear bb's heartbeat and tat's whr bb is stable.. hehe.. looking fwd to 24th dec now.. cant wait to hear bb heartbeat..

dr ang says thats when she will congrats us too.. hehe... thou bb is small now but i can feel bb in me now..

bb.. u b gd and grow up fast.. ^_^
saw tat black dot? tats bb already..

if u saw this entry of mine.. don tell any1 abt the gd news yet k.. will disclose to relatives after 24th dec n 3mths later to frens.. hehe.. thanks thanks ^_^

Baby Hong & Qin

menses is due on 27th Nov 07, came on 26th Nov 07 but only the size of a 50cents coin and it stopped.. din really think so much coz had too many false alarms b4 already..

came back to wk after a short holiday in bangkok and keep burping.. alice, one of my colleague asked 'could you be pregnant?' the tot struck me and i wonder could i be lucky enough? alice says her sister in law had the same symptoms as me when she was pregnant and so i decided to buy a pregnancy test kit to test.. hehe.. its positive.. i am finally going to b a mummy soon.. darling was so happy when i show him the result.. called my GP immediately and make an appt to check and confirm.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Bangkok Trip 22nd Nov to 26th Nov 2007

my 1st time to bangkok.. a very gd experience i must say.. shop till u drop n eat till u full.. really is 买东西 吃东西.. hehe..

lots of good place to go for shopping.. my fingers n eyes are so busy shopping till i 4get to take pic and so i nvr take much pic..

recommended places to go will be Platinum Fashion Mall at Pratumum, this is a wholesale shopping mall.. buy 3pcs n above n they will give u wholesale price.. u don have to buy 3 of the same kinds.. sometimes can mix n match 1.. another place will b the Som Lum Night Bazzar.. this u can take tuk tuk o taxi thr.. 3 blocks of building with many lanes.. thr u can shop the whole night till ur leg ache.. but don worry.. u can have foot massage thr.. very cheap n gd too..

wanted to go for full body massage but time does not permit us.. rather have more time to shop.. but i did pedi n mani thr.. guess wat.. its only 450bahts.. (ard $20-21).. cheap hor.. darling, his fren melvin n his gf stephanie had their hair cut thr too.. their skills not bad sia.. hehe..

MK steamboatMK famous duck.. very delicious.. i strongly recommend to try if u go bangkok

Som Lum.. an open air drinking place with live bands.. those are food stalls by the side.. for drinks wise u don have to go order urself coz when u sit down only.. many of the beer girls thr will flock to u.. hehe

shabushi.. another gd place for steamboat.. steamboat items are served on converyer belt juz like our sushi restaurant..

dinner by the roadside.. the seafood is fresh n the price is very reasonable

sour n hot papaya salad..
fried egg
tom yum goong.. my favourite

the famous 4 faced buddha.. dear's fren melvin goes thr everyday without fail to pray.. beside the buddha, thr's a pillar whr u can see 8 ladies in thai traditional costumes n 3 men playing the traditional thai instruments.. these are actually devoters engaging them to perform n dance for the 4 faced buddha as a way of expressing their thanks if their wishes come true.. as for some like melvin, its juz purely to engage for the 4 faced buddha as a form of paying respect to the buddha..

we took their BTS, our MRT liked transport to chachuchak weekend market.. i don like to go chachuchak.. very hot.. not much sheltered place.. very cramp.. the lane thr is super narrow n stuffy.. we go thr for an hour only n i wan go off liao.. cannot tahan.. very very crowded..

we went to a restaurant called som boon for seafood and we had a great shock when the bill comes.. 5040 bahts... super exp.. we almost faint

huge prawns
sharkfin soup.. really is soup.. its not those thick thick type 1
tom yum in steamboat
steamed fish in lemon sauce
hot plate oyster egg
deep fried sotong with garlic

happen to be one of thai traditional festival, i cannot rem the thai spelling of this festival.. its a festival whr pple will buy a floating lantern, insert a coin into the lantern, light the joss stick n candle, make a wish n release the lantern onto the river.. we oso join in the fun.. this seem to b 1 of their impt festival as they oso release fireworks in the sky every like 15 to 20mins..
the view of the lantern
see those lanterns on the river.. u can oso see many kids by the river bank taking the lantern up n then put them bk again but some r destryed by them coz they r too rough.. hehe.. we r guessing they r trying to dig the coins pple insert in the lantern.. its juz our guess.. donoe y they do that too...

melvin n stephanie go at least twice a yr to bangkok but they have nvr been to chinatown so i suggest we go chinatown as many of my frens told me to go thr for sharkfin n birdnest..

a roadside stall in chinatown selling wanton mee.. surprising tat i dare to eat? hehe but i must say their wanton mee is really very nice n is very different than those we eat in Sin or even hongkong
wanton mee.. add more chili powder n the taste is even beta.. yummy
wet market in chinatown.. my 1st time to such a market.. according to stephanie n melvin.. this is how our markets used to look like last time..
yummy delicious sharkfin at chinatown.. only 800 bahts for 4 pple
bird nest at 200bahts per bowl.. very thick right.. hehe
my 1st tuk tuk experience.. rather special as this is something we don get to experience in Sin..
the front view of the tuk tuk

now the impt part.. what did i buy from bangkok.. well basically quite a few dresses, few tops, few shoes, few gifts for frens n relatives, 土产 for relatives, etc.. darling oso nvr lost out to me.. he oso buy a few pairs of shoes, many tops n few bottoms.. so this explain y we go in 2 luggages n have to come bk in 5 luggages

we brought a spare carrier thr but still not enuff.. end up we buy 2 more bags in order to carry all the things bk.. at the airport when coming bk, we r worried we have to pay excess baggage.. haha.. many laugh at us saying 'you all come back open stall ah?' haha
summary of items i buy.. still have some pic like the few wacoal undergarments, 1 mini sewing machine like stapler, gift for relatives n frens that i nvr take and oso darling loots i oso nvr take
i decide to put all the items into 1 pic