Monday, March 19, 2007

Sunday (18th Mar 2007)

Another 4 days to my departure to honeymoon... feeling so excited now.. but hubby more excited than me... keep reminding me how many days we r left.. hehe... was packing my luggage juz now.. super many things to pack.. all those sweaters i bringing already occupied many space.. haiz.. luggage is already full even before we reach.. hehe... so funny... n kiasu.. hehe..

went manicure n pedicure with Tricia in the afternoon... did acrylic nails on 2 of my fingernails coz its way too short than the other 8 nails.. juz cant stand my nails looking short.. hehe.. so vain horz.. hehe.. i oso did 3D nail art.. have bought the stuffs to do it myself but the outcome is juz not as nice as those done by pro.. hehe... so no choice but to waste $$ money again.. hehe..



my 3D nail art on the 2 acrylic nails.. hehe





4 more days .. yeah.. hehe