Thursday, September 27, 2007

26th Sep 2007 -Sinful Dinner

Date: 26th sep 2007

Had a sinful dinner at east coast park hawker centre with darling, ah long and stefanie... 4 of us had dinner thr.. been super long since i went thr.. think my last time thr was b4 they renovate and tat was like many years ago.. hehe.. y i say my dinner was sinful.. look at the pic below and you will know why..

BBQ Stingray

BBQ Sotong

Fried Oyster 蚝煎

Satay Bee Hoon

Sambal clams 大头

Fried Kailan


Mixed Grill

Cuttlefish Vege

BBQ chicken wings

I'm not kidding you.. these are all that the 4 of us had.. come to think of it now.. o dear.. hard to lose that extra fats.. so scare to gain back again.. keke

After dinner, we walk from the hawker to bedok jetty and stay there to chat for a while.. after that long's gf stefanie suggest we go a nearby pub for a cup of drinks.. in the end we end up ordering 1 jug of heineken and share.. beer.. o dear.. super sinful for ladies..

25th Sep 2007 - Lantern Festival

Date: 25th September 2007 - Tuesday Night - Heng No Rain

Had dinner at mummy house after that go down to the big canel beside mummy hse to play candles and look at the round moon.. wanted to go Punggol Park but hor.. lazy.. haha..

24th Sept 07 - monday off

Date; 24th September 2007 - Monday

Off day again. went J8 with darling for branch haha.. we had our breakfast cum lunch at Din Tai Feng.. i still prefer the Xiao Long Bao at Hei Se hui..

After our meal, i went to colourzone at Level 2 to do my manicure & pedicure and darling takes mooncake to Ah ma at AMK

23rd Sept 2007 - Sunday

Date: 23rd September 2007 Sunday - Sunshine

Went gym with my sis in the afternoon.. left abt 5.30, walk ard suntec and we went to Imperial Treasure at Marina Sq for dinner. Darling had a wedding dinner to attend and so went dinner with my sis and chong guan..

food thr is quite nice but we found 2 flies in our saucer when we pour out the vinegar.. we informed the staff and the manager was alerted.. she keep appplogizing and thank us coz we nvr make a hoo ha out of this.. but i tell u.. thr is this particular staff that i show her attitude face and give her sacarstic remark.. she came to our table and this is our conversation between the staff and me.

S will b the staff and Q is me..

S: 什么事?
Q (very angry):你自己看什么。。

the manager came over and say sorry.. we are very unhappy with tat particular staff.. she juz have to change the vinegar and get us new saucer rite.. y comment such things... irritating.. service in sin really cannot make it sia.. haiz.. 4get to take pic of tat 2 unwanted items in the vinegar..

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I need Help...

I was thinking of having a surprise for my darling on his bday this year.. every year, my bday, my darling will plan n celebrate with me but me.. hehe.. every year.. no presents.. only a nice meal together.. hehe..

so this year i decide to surprise my darling and i can oso get to relax myself too.. keke.. my plan was to book a nice and romantic hotel room.. i will have the room booked behind his back and order a cake in secret.. i will chk in 1st and then call him to surprise him coz hubby needs to wk on sunday too.. then i will ask him to come n join me.. hehe.. hubby bday is on 31st dec (mon) and so i decide to bk the room on 30th dec and we can celebrate when the clock tick 12am.. hehe.. actually i have a few hotels in mind but then i hope that u all can give me more ideas.. so far in singapore.. i have only been to fullerton, novotel and meritus mandarin.. i wan a room that is very very romantic.. as our 1st wedding anniversary is on 6th jan.. we can oso celebrate it in advance.. hehe..

here's what i have in mind:

1) Siloso Beach Resort - Roof Garden Suite
Room with Sea View for Single or Double occupancy. Attached bathroom with shower. Features Each room features a private staircase leading up to the roof-top Jacuzzi.


Each suite features a private roof top garden with a Jacuzzi where you can rejuvenate and enjoy the magnificent view of the sea and the tropics.

Each suite features a private roof top garden with a Jacuzzi where you can rejuvenate and enjoy the magnificent view of the sea and the tropics.


2) Fullerton

Quay Room

Quay Rooms are a popular accommodation choice. As the name suggests, rooms offer picturesque views of the historic Singapore River or sea and beyond.


3) Novotel


book the same suite we had for our wedding.. that suite.. is super shiok too.. hehe

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

BBQ + Keong n Meihui Bday

Date: 22nd September 2007 Saturday Nite.. very very hot nite...

Had bbq at ILs's House.. FIL n MIL went on a "honeymoon" cruise on Superstar Virgo and so they are not ard that day.. hehe.. we had an early celebration of the Lantern Festival and we oso celebrated Keong's Belated Bday (his bday is on 18th Sep) and Meihui's Bday (22nd Sept).. very coincidence rite? 4 days apart only.. hehe.. i was telling Meihui.. next time can ask their kids to buy 1 present and share share b/w the 2 of them.. so xiong.. daddy n mummy bday 4 days apart.. haha...

we had so much fun tat night.. food.. many foods.. drinks.. many drinks and lastly.. our usual hobby... MAHJONG.. haha.. we had 1.5 rounds that night.. by the time we finished.. its already 2am liao.. haha.. i was telling si gim.. 玉王大帝 and 皇母娘娘 not ard.. thats y we can play till so late.. if not ard 11+ all will have go home liao.. hehe..

here are some pic i took tat day..

Meihui preparing the Lanterns

the 2 pretty Cousins..

the 12 生肖 lanterns prepared by Meihui

1st - 鼠
2nd - 牛
3rd - 虎

4th - 兔
5th - 龙
6th - 蛇

7th - 马
8th - 羊
9th - 猴

10th - 鸡
11th - 狗
12th - 猪

meihui and the lanterns

the area where we had bbq.. this is juz a small part of the area..

food.. n food.. we need more than 1 tables to put the food...

and not to forget the bday celebration of Meihui and Keong.. we even jokingly say they are getting married tat day coz it look like the cake cutting ceremony on wedding.. si gim even wanted to ask keong to propose to Meihui that day.. keke...

Saturday, September 22, 2007

22nd Sep 2007 Saturday - DIY Pig Lantern

Date: 22nd Sep 2007 Saturday Morning - Bright and shiny day

At work now.. ^_^

juz had a DIY Lantern fixed by myself and Alice.. very cute ballet pig.. FIL got this when he went to China for an exhibition that time.. dear showed me and i like it immediately.. i kept it for a few mths already.. finally tonight i can take n bring to ILs house.. we are having a BBQ session thr tonight.. hehe..

DIY from Scratch

follow the instructions

Ballet Pig.. Pig so Cute..

Look at the Dancing Pig

My Piggy Lantern w/o Lights On

My Piggy Lantern with Lights On

The Top View- See its Blinking Its Eyes..

Piggy Back View - see that Tiny Tail? hehe

Purely DIY 1.. hehe..