Tuesday, October 30, 2007

26th October 2007 - a day at Tekong

Date: 26th October 2007 Friday.. very hot day

today i take leave to go Tekong with my 弟弟 n my family members.. my 弟弟 grow up already and is time to go serve NS.. hehe.. woke up at 7am.. earlier than my normal working days.. hehe.. drove darling car to pasir ris interchange.. we cannot drive straight to the ferry terminal as we have to assemble at Pasir Ris Interchange whr a bus will b arranged to pick us and drive us to the ferry terminal to take a 5mins ferry to tekong..

from far.. tekong look like a holiday resort.. it juz don look like a army camp.. we spend half day thr and we were show ard by the sergant on duty that day.. its a quite big place with many facilities provided for the army guys... many were doing exercises and training that day.. we were brief on the various buildings n the facilities n activies they have.. we went to their bedroom, ard 13pple in a room, quite airy place n army is really a place whr boys become men.. they have to do everything on their own.. clean the room, sweep the floor, maintain cleaniness in tat room and most importantly they have to change their own bedsheet.. many guys like my 弟弟 nvr change o in fact do any housework at home.. so army is a def a place for them to go learn n to appreciate wat their mums have been doing for them.. hehe... o ya 1 thing very funny.. their bathing area had no doors... juz imagine so many guys bathing n then all r looking at each other.. o my god... yucky.. haha...

welcome to Tekong..

look at the scenery.. does this look like an army training camp to u? look like holiday chalet rite..

their bunks (rooms)

barber shop? o.. a place whr a boy with funky hairstyle changes to a botak man

canteen.. ya u r not wrong.. this is a canteen.. they cannot juz go here on their own.. have to ask for permission 1..

our free lunch.. suppose to b very delicious but i feel its not really tat fantastic.. the rice is quite hard.. hehe

21st October 2007 - Steamboat Buffet Dinner

Date: 21st October 2007 Sunday
we had a dinner at a restaurant at Mosque St.. its a steamboat shop that offer buffet steamboat.. my 3rd time here already in 2 mths.. hehe.. i like the soup base n that we can have our steamboat in an invidual mini pot n most importantly.. its not exp to eat thr.. ard $18 per person.. hehe..

u can choose from 2 soup base.. chicken soup (my fav) or 麻辣 soup.. for 麻辣, u can choose to have either 小辣,中辣 or 特辣.. 麻辣 is darling fav hehe.. surprising rite.. i am the 1 whom like hot n spicy stuff but end up i take chicken soup n darling takes 麻辣.. hehe.. u r given a pot to urself and they have a list of ingredients.. u tick and they will serve us in a while.. yummy.. must go again.. i go tell darling.. hehe.. think he will faint.. eat that again.. wahaha...

20th Oct 2007 - Studio Photo-taking with my Family

Date: 20th October 2007 Saturday

Went to Mr & Miss Wedding Club early in the morning, this is the bridal shop i took my wedding photo tat time.. hehe.. we sign up for their family studio phototaking for my sis graduation.. this is the 1st time we had our 全家福 photo taken at a studio.. the experience is special esp when we had 6 members n to pose together is so funny.. hehe.. we have seen the photos taken that day n had chosen the 20pcs to b printed into an album.. will post up when i recieve the soft copy on 18th nov when we collect the album.. hehe.. overall we r very statisfied with the photos

my beautiful mummy after makeup.. she look so young tat day..

me ^_^

my 妹妹 - the 女主角 - she is the main char tat day since we r here to take 全家福 bcoz of her graduation

we had lunch at Miramar hotel after tat.. we r too hungry tat we 4got to take photos.. anyway ala-carte dim sum buffet at Miramar is quite nice.. hehe

Thursday, October 25, 2007

dear all.. i need help again ^_^

i have a super long timed pal getting married soon.. date is not confirmed yet but will b next yr and bcoz of $ planning.. she is now getting all the prices for all the things needed for a wedding.. n so i was thinking of helping her get some contacts n pricelist for AD photography & videography.. dear frens out thr.. mayb u can email me ur photographer & videographer pricelist n contact no to me @ angeline08@yahoo.com if have.. if not drop a website o contact no here with a rough guide of the price will do too.. hehe.. their budget is:

1) Photography - not more than $800

2) Videography - not more than $1000

if can get a gd PG / VG at lesser than their budget will b even beta.. thanks in advance to ur help ^_^

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

23rd Oct 2007 - a call from Doc Ang

Date: 23rd Oct 2007 Tuesday

finally a call from Doc Ang.. now i can slp, eat, wk with ease..

doc ang called in the evening..

doc: Hi angeline
me: hi doc ang
doc: good news..
me (with excitement)
doc: ur results is out, its only an infection
me (phew)
doc: ur infection is quite long already. U don have to come down so fast to take med.. continue with the course of medicine that i've given u and hopefully i will see u n hubby soon with good news.. i will give medication for ur infection the next time i see you..

after hanging up the fone.. my feeling was like suddenly the world seem to full of hope.. now that everything is okie.. its time to plan for the next stage of my womanhood.. the stage of motherhood.. hehe...

22nd Oct 2007 - Off Day

Date: 22nd October 2007 Monday

Monday again. Went to HDB hub early in the morning for our HDB Loan with Standard Chartered. Loan is approved already.. yeah.. i finally gonna have my own roof soon.. haha..

Met Stef, Viv @ Orchard today.. Coincidently all 3 of us r off today.. went shopping.. donoe bcoz of wat.. we only shop n nvr buy anything.. shocked rite.. but we had a 1/2 day life of a tai tai.. we had lunch at Fei Cui and had high tea at Coffee Club.. haha... very nice n relaxed.. We were happily talking abt wei and viv wedding band and so i told viv.. its time she goes chk out on bridal shop if they have plans to get married in mar.. i told her opp my hse has a new bridal shop called bright studio and stef says its a 老字号 already.. their 1st branch had been in Clementi for many years.. think we went too late.. we reached ard 7pm and the shop left a man to attend to us.. initially i find this man a bit not pro in doing sales.. i asked him many ques n he seem a bit impatient then tat viv.. she's the 1 getting married n yet juz sit thr n sms n then like bo chap.. but after we start chatting n warm up.. we find him okie n forgive his not so pro coz he is juz a photographer not a sales.. haha... viv is very statisfied with the package n she saw quite a few nice gowns.. they r going to discuss with the lady boss on wed and will confirm the package.. viv turn n look at me.. ask if i will b free on wed anot.. being viv super long timed fren.. of coz i have to go with her on wed liao lor.. haha

tat day viv n wei had an argument over wei mum sudden decision of holding their wedding at a restaurant o hotel.. their initial plan was to juz had their solemnisation at a bungalow chalet n buffet n thats it but wei mum feel they sld held their wedding dinner.. wei is impatient n viv is a bit stubborn n end up they argue infront of us.. since i already had my wedding.. i try to advise them.. now viv is agreeable to holding banquet already.. wat to do.. noe her for so many yrs.. how can i don understand her rite.. hehe... anyway.. juz so happy that they r finally getting married..

Friday, October 19, 2007

17th Oct 2007 - Dinner @ Tao's Restaurant

Date: 17th October 2007 Wednesday Evening

Wei (darling younger bro) is treating us to dinner at Tao's Restaurant at Selegie.. Nice place with nice food.. we all enjoy the food except dear as he is not into these kind of food.. he is more to chinese food.. haha.. like china man hor.. haha... anyway.. wei n his gf sandy seem to know of the staff Jeremy well.. according to them.. jeremy is the assistant manager.. he's a very nice guy.. give us some items FOC coz of sandy n wei.. hehe.. n o ya.. sandy's mum came too n jeremy know her too.. hehe.. the concept of tao is that u choose from the list of food.. for dinner u can choose a total of 7 courses.. some of the item r fixed ie.. no choice to choose from.. here's some of the pic of the food we take.. some i 4get to take again.. hehe..



Fruit Salad

Prawn with Curry Mayo


Mushroom Soup
Sharkfin Melon Soup
In between got grilled mushroom.. i eat finish then i rem i nvr take pics.. hehe
Main Course



Poek Ribs

in the middle of the dinner.. the light went off.. jeremy came in with a 'Cake'... not a real cake but something he design n come up with the ingredients in the kitchen.. he wanted to give this to sandy's mum as she told him today is her bday.. hehe.. poor jeremy.. he was tricked.. hehe.. think that could b 1 reason y we have special treatment.. hehe


Caramel Pudding

Sesame Pudding
me, meihui n wei had choc moouse but 4get to take pic too.. sandy had something special some green tea pudding.. take pic but too blur n so cannot post here..

Thursday, October 18, 2007

17th Oct 2007 - Checkup @ Gleneagles

Date: 17th Oct 2007 - Wednesday - 1 of my unhappy day

Today is the day i had to go Gleneagles for the checkup.. i reach the hospital at 9.00am.. Doc is slightly late.. went into the room and change to their robe.. a duck tougue shaped equipment was inserted to my 'private' area and a scope was used to show us the internal part.. Doc did some cleaning to the area 1st and a chemical was used so that the abnormal cell area will be shown in white.. the normal cell sld look pinkish.. i have a small area of whitish on the top area n bottom area.. i do not dare look at the screen from this pt onwards.. according to hubby whom went in with me.. she extract a small portion of tat area.. she will send these cells for test and result will b out in a wk time.. think these few days u will see a diff me.. a not so happy me.. darling keeps asking me not to think so much but hw not to think... she says pre-cancerous cells.. how i noe if got cancer anot.. then somemore i ask doc will this affect my chance of getting preg.. doc says if early stage then no need op n i can have bb.. but if need op.. it will depend.. may affect my chance of getting preg..

Generally, a cervical biopsy follows this process:
1) You will be asked to undress completely or from the waist down and put on a hospital gown.
2) You will be instructed to empty your bladder prior to the procedure.You will lie on an examination table, with your feet and legs supported as for a pelvic examination.
3) Your physician will insert an instrument called a speculum into your vagina to spread the walls of the vagina apart to expose the cervix.
4) Often, the physician will use a colposcope, an instrument with a special lens similar to a microscope, to magnify the cervical tissues. The colposcope will be placed at the opening of your vagina but does not enter your vagina.
5) Your physician will look through the colposcope to locate any problem areas on the cervix or in the vagina. Photographs with the colposcope or sketches of the areas on your cervix may be made for your healthcare record.
6) Your cervix may be cleansed and soaked with a vinegar solution, also called an acetic acid solution. This solution helps make the abnormal tissues turn white and become more visible. You may feel a mild burning sensation.
7) The amount and location of tissue removed depends on the type of biopsy. For a simple cervical biopsy, sometimes called a punch biopsy, one or more small samples of tissue will be removed using a special type of forceps. When this is performed, you may feel a slight pinch or cramp.
8) The tissue will be sent to a lab for examination.

i got this info from http://www.stjohnsmercy.org/healthinfo/test/gyn/TP106.asp

being a traditional woman.. i always feel that a family is made up of daddy, mummy & kids.. my plans was to have 2 kids but i so scare i cannot have this chance of being a mummy... human is juz so weak.. i really feel scare n worried but i cannot show it to pple whom know abt this.. i cannot make pple ard me worried for me too.. i have to b strong n face this.. hopefully the test will show a healthy me n i can b a mummy soon....

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Super Back Dated Posts - 9th Oct 2007

Date: 9th October 2007 Tuesday

Doc ang called in the afternoon and say darling result is out.. very good and active.. darling is so happy and hao lian when i told him the result hehe

in the evening.. doc ang called me again.. she say my pap smear result is out.. the test show i have a few unusual cells and she asked me to go for another test soon to check again.. i nearly cry when i hear tat.. coz i donoe whether is it a bad thing to have these.. i went to mummy hse and tell her this.. she says sldn't b anything too serious.. juz go for the test..

i am very worried.. i am still young.. wat if its cancer.. wat if i cannot have bb.. wat if.. these thoughts keep bothering me... i told my fren tracy and she says it could b cyst.. she says most women will have cyst and so ask me not to worry.. she says i have always been so healthy and so ask me not to think so much..

darling is oso very supportive.. he says sldnt b a prob bah.. if not doc will have ask me to go for a test asap (my appt for the test in on next wed).. darling is so sweet.. he told me not to worry so much.. he will always b thr for me even if anything happen to me.. i am so touched when he say this... somemore he was hugging me when he say those words to me... i ask him.. if anything happen to me say i have cancer o i cannot have bb.. will he leave me.. he says NO.. not matter wat he will stay with me.. hehe...

o ya si gim.. if u see this post.. can don tell any1 else.. even si gu coz i don wan the others to worry and think so much.. it cld juz b nothing.. will go for the test next wed and see how it goes bah.. ^_^

Super Back Dated Posts - 8th Oct 2007

Date: 8th October 2007 Monday

so fast.. monday again.. today darling has to go for the sperm test at paragon.. we reach the clinic at 11am.. we were told that doc ang will call us when the result is out..

meet vivian at wisma after tat.. today she is on leave.. we celebrating her bday in advance.. her bday is tomolo.. went to Ichiban boshi for lunch.. she paid for the lunch.. Stefanie and long came to join us in the afternoon.. went shopping and bought a lot of things.. hehe.. darling shake his head.. kekeke...

play mahjong in the evening and i lost $16 this time round.. o dear is my luck going down again... OooOoooOOo

Super Back Dated Posts - 7th Oct 2007

Date: 7th October 2007 Sunday

went dinner with Long, stefanie, anthony and tricia at a steamboat restaurant along mosque street.. quite nice and those guys really love meat alot.. they ate many plates of pork.. my god.. if i was the 1 to eat so much.. i think i will have to get new clothes again coz i will def put on a lot of weight.. guys are so gd.. its ok even if they put on weight but women.. when we put on weight.. pple ard us will start saying.. u so fat lar.. must slim down lar.. must not eat so much lar.. etc lar.. its juz so unfair..

after dinner.. they came to our hse for cards.. we play dai dee (big 2)... initially i lose $60+.. in the end i won back and somemore win $50+.. poor darling is the only loser.. he lose ard $90.. hehe

Super Back Dated Posts - 6th Oct 2007

Date: 6th October 2007 Saturday

went to compass point after wk for lunch.. after lunch we went to Eu Yan Sang to buy birdnest for ah gong.. ah gong nowadays got no appetite.. only eat bird nest.. see him like tat.. feel so heartpain.. since he wan eat bird nest.. so we went get 2 box of 6 bottles each for him..

at night went to ah ma hse for dinner and as usual mahjong session after dinner.. today i won $90.00.. been a super long time since i won at ah ma hse.. luck been very down lately.. not only at ah ma hse i nvr won.. even when playing mahjong o cards with darling fren.. i am always the 1 losing.. haiz.. so happy that my luck change today.. hehe...

Super Back Dated Posts - 1st Oct 2007

Date: 1st October 2007 Monday

today is Children's Day.. hehe..

went for a checkup at Gleneagles today. Done scan and pap smear and had a talk with our GP doc ang on family planning.. we hope to have a bb soon.. hehe.. after doing the scan.. doc ang says my eggs r too small and so i have to take medication.. doc ang says this is a very small prob only.. Darling on the other hand.. doc ang suggest tat he goes for a sperm count test.. darling will go next mon..

sally.. my god cousin went with us today.. she brings along her cute son keith.. this keith i tell u.. is so cute and adorable.. i still think of him now.. hehe.. my sis and me dotes on him a lot.. hehe

Super Back Dated Posts - 30th Sep 07

Date: 30th September 2007 Sunday

We r having a pot luck session today. Wei, Sandy, Meihui, keong, darling n me.. we are going to cook and prepare dishes and to have dinner together..

Meihui n keong will prepare:
- Spicy Chicken
- Bak Ku Teh
- Soya Bean Jelly with Longans

Sandy n Wei will prepare:
- Potato cups
- Fried Kueh
- Cheesecake

Me n Darling.. hehe.. will prepare:
- Nasi Lemak
- Fruit Salad
- Sharkfin Melon Soup

wow.. so full after the dinner.. everything is so nice.. was telling them we sld have a session like this more often so that next time our kids will b close to each other.. i always envy my frens who r very close to their cousins coz i am not very close to all my cousins.. only a few of them r in contact..

Super Back Dated Posts - 29th Sep 07

Date: 29th Sept 2007 Saturday

Met up with Jac and Xian for dinner at Brewerkz at clarke quay.. been a long time since we meet up for a meal.. Renuka n rachel r supposed to meet us too but something cropped up and so they r unable to meet us tat day.. Jac, a mother to b soon.. hehe.. her tummy is quite big already and is due to for delivery in Dec.. congrats.. Jac.. so happy to have a new member in our grp soon.. o ya talking abt new member.. we definitely have new members in our grp..

1st is xian's new bf, raymond.. a nice and friendly guy.. next is YS gf.. he's in HKG and so we haven seen his gf in person yet.. hehe