Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Baby Swimming Competition - Final Round

Date: 28th December 2008

the day is here.. excited me wakes up at 9.30am to pack jayden stuffs.. hehe.. we left home at 10.30am as we have to be at PS before 11.30am.. the kiasu mentality of us made us wanna go out earlier.. hehe..

a shock when we reached.. a lots of parents n babies.. hehe.. we counted.. total 24 babies in the finals today..

Jayden is in the 11.30am slot
4 babies per time slot
jayden with his forever supportive yi yi
jayden is getting ready for his swim
naughty jayden again.. haiz.. now u give him anything n he wil starts to 1st play with it n explore it then he is tuck it into his mouth.. hehe
putting on the float for jayden
yi yi and uncle kevin rooting outside for jayden.. only 2 pple inside n so they can only stay outside n watch jayden from outside
the competition starts.. happy jayden is swimming n kicking happily in the water..
hehe.. i feel he is like relaxing in the spa.. hehe
the prizes for the top 3 babies
the 2nd prize baby.. this baby is very cute.. she is beside jayden during the competition.. she oso can kick n swim well too n she got the face tat u normally see on tv ad.. super cute baby..
the 1st prize baby
and jayden.. a consolation prize hehe.. its a little something for all the babies that get into the finals.. better than nothing lar.. to get into finals is already something impressive for a small baby like jayden..
"bao bei.. mummy is super proud of you for getting into the finals.. muaks..."
the prize for consolation is a free massage session
jayden swimming n kicking during the competition.. my mum is so funny.. she say y jayden kicks so well n yet he was not into top 3.. kelong is it.. haha

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Loots from online Spree & Clothes for CNY & Presents & Xmas Presents

Things buy from Robinsons Sales (26th Dec 08) for Jayden

Cars stackers

rollerrattle for Jayden from his Ah Yi Jayden fav soft toy 'Char Siew' (the big pig) and so i buy him a mini Char Siew for him to take out
the mini Char Siew toy Loots from Online Spree and clothes for Jayden CNY

Shorts from Old Navy
Jeans from Old NavyLong sleeve from Old Navy
hooded sweater from Old Navy
Polo romper from Carters
Polo rompers from Carters
soft leather shoes
animal tights
funny sayings t-shirt from babymall online

Presents from Auntie Fiona and Auntie Jaslyn
Presents for Jayden when they came our house that time for the gathering

Present from Ah Yi

Presents from Gong Gong and Po Po when they are back from Shanghai

Clothes from Godma for Jayden for CNY

Clothes from Ah Gong n Ah Ma

Presents from Ah Yi Colleagues Eva

Loots from Online Shopping - Containers to store puree for Jayden

Xmas Presents for Jayden

Present from Auntie Sharon n Uncle Andy
Present from Mummy - Board Books and Nursery Rhymes
Present from mummy - new pacifiers, new teethers and new drinking bottle

Present from Po po
Present from Godpa n Godma
Present from mummy - Baby einstein DVDs
Pooh Storage box from Ah Yi and Uncle Kevin

Present from Uncle James n Auntie Vivian
Present from daddy
My Christmas Presents
Present from Darling
Present from Melvin n Stephanie
Present from my Mummy
Present from My Sis n Kevin