Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Baby at 12th Weeks - 3mths liao..

went to see doc ang on 24th jan.. had a detailed scan tat day.. bb is so active and happy tat day.. when the scan was on my tummy.. it show bb waving hand at us.. so amazing rite.. after a while bb will lie back n suck on its thumb n relac.. but when doc wan check his neck for down sypmtroms.. bb juz won lie good and let doc ang check.. bb will roll ard and sit upwards.. n don lie down.. seem like bb is playing catching with doc.. hehe.. doc had a hard time getting the check done.. she keep saying... 'o this bb is so active'... hehe...

according to doc ang.. on my next visit.. tat is 19th feb 08.. i will b able to know the gender of bb.. many r now guessing bb gender.. many guess tat bb will b boy.. donoe y oso.. but to me as long as bb is healthy n will delivered safely.. boy o girl is alright for mummy...

recently my tummy has grown.. n is very obvious already.. guess its time for me to shop for maternity wear liao.. most of my clothes i cannot fit in liao.. hehe.. from the reflection of the mirror.. i can see my waist line getting thicker already.. hehe...

bb.. mummy loves u.. b gd.. mummy will get to see u on 19th feb again.. hehe

Monday, January 21, 2008

Been so long again..

think its time i reformat my comp.. always can update when i am bk to mummy's hse to use my sis lappy..

nothing special these few days..

celebrated one of darling cousin's Yiyun 21st bday last sat (11th jan 08) at ah ma hse.. had a buffet and a nice choc cake.. yummy cake from ah keong n mh..

the pretty bday girl

took these photos from si gim's website.. i nvr take any pic tat day.. too crowded for me to squeeze ard.. hehe..
o ya not to 4get.. darling auntie is back from NZ for holiday.. she migrated to NZ many years and will come bk for hol and for relatives visiting once a year.. went to airport with keong n mh to fetch her on 15th jan.. their flight landed at T3.. my 1st time to T3.. wat i can say is.. its very huge and well lit but bcoz its big i feel it look a bit empty.. hehe

Any recommedation for pre-natal yoga?

hi all.. does any 1 of you noe of any place that offers pre-natal yoga for pregnant women??

Baby updates

today is bb 11th week in mummy stomach.. how times flies.. the last visit to gynae last wk.. we can see baby shape.. its such a wonder how bb form from a small dot to a human shaped in mummy's stomach.. many ask me how's the feeling like to have a little 1 growing in u.. well.. the feeling is wonderful, amazing and noble.. i know i have a strong responsibility to protect bb now..

doc ang say bb is growing well in me and i am very happy to hear that.. will go for a chkup again this thurs to chk for down symptroms.. hope things turn out well.. the tot of seeing bb again on this thurs excite me.. doc ang oso told us we will b able to know bb gender in another 6wks times tat abt 4mth into my pregnancy.. me and darling r very excited to know the gender of bb.. to me, be it boy o girl is okie for me but i think darling prefer our 1st bb to a bb boy but he say only lar.. boy o girl is okie for him too.. as long as bb is strong, healthy n grow up well n obedient.. we r happy enough already..

baby's scan on the 10th wk.. taken by daddy hp

mummy qin on the 10th week of pregnacy.. taken by si gim

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

daddy mayb going to shanghai to work for a year

today mummy told me daddy mayb going to shanghai to work for a year and she may follow daddy there.. a bit cant bear to let them go but i feel its a good opportunity for daddy esp at his age now.. i told mummy that if confirm.. she will have to come back on aug when i give birth coz i wan her to help me thru my confinement period.. after tat 1mth then see how.. i wonder if MIL wan look after bb anot.. if not.. since i am working for my ILs now.. mayb can ask MIL to look after bb in the morning and me to look after bb in the afternoon.. will discuss this with my MIL again after daddy posting to shanghai is confirm...

super long nvr post anything

wow.. been super long since my last post... no choice.. i am now on MC till 28th jan 08 and my stupid comp at home don allow me to log in to blogger so no choice.. finally i get to update today with my sis laptop.. been rotting at home and banned by darling from going out so basically not much updates juz some things to share on xmas eve, new yr eve and last sat at 2 yi po hse..

1) xmas eve 24th dec 2007 at my house
hohoho we wish you a merry xmas, we wish you a merry xmas, we wish you a merry xmas and a happy new yr

xmas eve again.. this yr my kakis nvr jio me out to party so bo bian.. decide to get darling frens to all come my hse to have a mini celebration and all will help contribute $$ and poor me n stephanie.. on top of contributing $$ we still have to go shop for food and cook.. hehe...

we had nasi lemak, lots of deep fried foods, turkey and durian log cake as dessserts..

as usual after dinner.. mahjong time.. we had 2 tables of mahjong tat day.. i lost $40..

2) new year eve and darling's 28th birthday..
today is new yr eve and oso darling's birthday.. so happen tat today is mon and is darling off day.. we nvr go anywhr.. as sis is off today too.. we went out together with CG her bf.. we had teppanyaki at wisma for lunch.. after tat we went PS carefour to shop and then to darling's fren game shop.. sis is getting a PSP for CG...

had dinner at beng hiang with daddy and mummy.. we pass by singapore river tat area when going home.. wow.. people mountain people sea.. super lots of people.. think all waiting thr to see the fireworks at 12am..

after dinner, we went to AMK to meet stephanie and their grp of frens.. they r having BBQ thr.. since we have nothing to do on tat pathetic new yr eve, we went to join them... hehe.. they r a nice grp of pple.. 1 of the ladies thr had 2 children already and she share pregnancy and giving birth experience with us all.. after all the eating and talking.. chinese as usual.. gambling time.. hehe.. we play blackjack and darling won.. a good start for a new yr.. i nvr play coz i nvr bring $$ tat day.. hehe..

3) 5th Jan 2008 at Lim Chu Kang..
today is a very happy day and can consider to be a gathering for most of the relatives at AMK.. we all meet at ah ma hse thr and go together.. calculated.. we had more than 30 pple waiting thr.. poor si gim drove 4gu car and bcoz she was shocked to see so many pple waiting thr.. she accidently bump into a stationary parking van.. keke.. we had a lorry, 6 cars tat day to pick up all of us, foods, 3 mahjong tables and tools.. hehe..

super long journey from AMK to LCK.. its a quite ulu place, luckily ah hua uncle noe the way.. think we will all get lost if none of us noe the way.. this place is at LCK, a fishery farm.. 2yi po's son build that hse for 2yi po coz 2yi po love to spend her day thr.. being filial they decide to build a hse thr for 2yi po but she passed away b4 the hse is built.. 2yi po son decide to ask all of us thr to have fun thr since the hse is already built.. its a super big hse.. thr is a billard table in the living rm.. can have more than 3 tables of mahjong in the living, 3 bedrooms with 1 of the bedroom that can put in 3 queen sized beds and 2 of the rooms with 2 queen size bed.. very big house rite.. they rear jin long fish thr and their fishes r very nice and of coz very exp too.. hehe..

updates on BB

today is the 9th wk for bb.. will b going to doc ang on this fri..

last 2wks, we saw Doc Ang, as usual, i have to do a ultrascan to see bb develop.. i heard bb heartbeat for the 1st time.. don noe is it i am emotional o wat.. my tears flowed out of my eyes at the moment when i see bb and that the heart is beating and u can hear the heartbeat.. doc ang says i am very weak and ask me to b on MC to the end of my 1st trismeter.. she wrote me a letter for my co..

Sandy.. wei (darling younger bro) gf asked me a ques the other day.. do u feel scare to b a mummy.. hmm.. actually in fact.. the feeling is excited more than scare.. u will look fwd to bb birth and each appt to see ur gynae.. when i was young.. i oso tell myself.. its so scary to b a mummy.. but now that i am pregnant.. the feeling is different.. no feeling of fears but more to joy esp when pple ard u r oso excited over bb..

i am looking fwd to this fri.. i wonder how has bb grow over the 1mth..

bb.. u b a good boy/girl.. ok.. mummy is waiting anxiously to ur birth..