Monday, March 31, 2008

Visit to the Gynae

went to see doc ang today.. brought along bb detailed scan report n xray with us to see her.. she explained the result n xray to us in details.. bb is a medium sized bb with a wt of 300g and the result show that my placenta is truly low but she feel by 28th wk.. it sld move up slightly.. hehe..

the report show tat bb is growing well.. n this is something tat me n darling is very happy abt.. bb is very naughty last nite.. keep kicking n so i cldnt slp well last.. juz now when doc ang do the scan for me.. bb is slping.. hehe.. think he is too tired already.. hehe.. the scan doc ang did show tat i am still bleeding a bit.. she gave another mth MC n some medication to take when i bleed again.. i am oso given some medication to soften my stools so that i do not exert strength when i visit the toilet.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bleed Again

this morning when i was sleeping soundly, i feel my pantyliners wet.. having last wk experience on bleeding, i immediately get up n go toilet chk.. o dear.. i am bleeding again.. quite heavy juz not that heavy as last wk.. called up my gynae early this morning but too bad she is away to an operation..
she called me back in the afternoon.. she say as of the checkup last wk, the bleeding is from the placentea.. she ask me to rest more n to continue with the medication she has given me.. i shall go see her on mon, my appt with her.. but she says if i bleed again tonight, i have to call her immediately to inform her.. once again she says no walking ard.. must rest n rest.. she will extend my MC for another 2 more wks.. she's hoping my placentea will shift up on its own if not she will have to perform c-section when bb is due term..
so now wat i can do is only rest n rest n rest..

Sunday, March 23, 2008

warded for 2days at Gleneagles

Date: 19th Mar to 21st Mar 2008

i had heavy bleeding n so i went to see my gynae.. i was asked to b warded immediately.. we choose the 2 bedded room n no wonder pple say its very shiok to stay at a private hospital.. hehe.. the staffs thr r very polite n prompt to ur calls n requests.. even the staff who serve our meals r in smart uniform like waiters.. hehe.. we have menu daily to choose wat we wan to eat the next day.. u can choose from chinese, western n indonesia food.. out of boredom i took pics of wat i had during my stay thr.. hehe..

Day 1 dinner - served together with fruits, orange juice n a bowl of soup
Day 2 - breakfast - vegetarian bee hoon served together with a slice of bread, jam, butter, milo, fruits
Day 2 - lunch - fried fish with rice served together with fruits, soup n orange juice
Day 2 - dinner - satay chicken with rice, fruits, soup n apple juice
the day i am going to be discharged - breakfast - mee goreng served together with a slice of bread, jam, butter, holicks n apple juice

14th Mar 08 - Dad's 50th Bday

celebrated dad's 50th bday..

bleeding n had to b warded

tue morning ard 4am i was sleeping soundly when i feel my panties wet.. as i will get bleeding often due to the polyps (benign growths on ur cervix that bleed easily but can be painlessly removed) i had inside me.. i did not think so much.. put on pantyliners n go to bed.. told darling abt my bleeding n he ask me to rest at home tat day..

wed morning ard 6am.. i can sense that i am bleeding again.. i went to the toilet n blood gush out n its was a lot juz like menses.. din really noe whether to call my gynae anot n so i discuss with darling in the morning abt.. we feel its juz not very normal to have such heavy bleeding thou i had bleeding b4.. but the bleeding wasnt so heavy.. being scare n kiasu we decide to call our gynae.. she was very shocked that i wait till  now then call to inform her abt the heavy bleeding... she was rather angry in fact.. she ask me to go to her immediately.. we went to her n after doing the normal scan.. she says my placenta n cervix is very low n the bleeding cld b from the placenta n not the polyps.. she say i have to admitted immediately n to b monitored till i am stable to go home.. not getting out of the bed except to the toilet..

so i was admitted to the mantanity ward of gleneagles for 2days.. during my stay thr, i was given a jab on my buttocks to prevent contractions, medication to prevent contractions as well, blood test n my detailed scan to make sure my cervix n placenta is alright.. the detailed scan as stated detailed show all details of bb.. from the head to the leg.. most imptly, bb's spine is complete.. she even show me the cross section of bb heart n kidney, the lips, the nose, the leg, the hand, the boy boy part n many more.. the report also state that bb is growing well but the placenta is in fact quite low.. at least i can now relac the bb is growing well.. my gynae say i can discharged on the 3rd day but i have to continue to rest in bed.. no walking ard.. i write this blog without darling consent.. he is off wk now.. if he noe i am up writing this blog n not resting.. he sure will get angry.. hehe..

i am fine now.. the bleeding has stopped n i am still on my medications n mc.. darling ask me to stop going to wk.. even my MIL oso asked me to stop working.. hehe... see how it goes bah..



Friday, March 14, 2008

i feel bb moving..

last night, we slpt at 10.30pm.. been super long time since we slpt so early.. hehe.. i woke up at 6+am this morning n was lying flat on the bed when i feel a strange feeling on my tummy.. like something knocking against the blanket.. so i place my palm on my tummy n i can feel bb hitting against my palm.. think bb is stretching o kicking o playing hi-5 with me.. hehe..

i wake darling up so that he can feel it too.. but too bad.. bb don wan to let daddy feel it.. but daddy says can feel that bb is moving ard inside.. hehe..

i read online n thru bb book.. from 18th wk onwards, many 1st time mums will start feeling the bb movements already.. hehe..

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Baby New Car

Date: 10th Mar 2008
went back to taka baby fair yest again.. we bought baby's stroller finally.. hehe.. we look ard n finally decide to buy the 1 from Combi.. can open/close 1 handed n the handle can use with bb facing u o not.. they will deliver it to us next tue.. hehe

too Loud for Baby

yest was my pal ROM.. so happy for her.. we attended their ROM in the afternoon and had dinner together at night.. as we r nearby golden shoe, they all jio us to thai disco thr.. its one of steph n melvin fav hangout place n tat's whr they met n dated.. hehe.. they told us tat the place is smoke free n safe n so darling n me went with them.. entered the place n ya true enough.. smoke free n the ambience is okie.. normal disco.. playing eng techno songs.. not thai songs.. hehe.. i stayed for less than 10 mins n cannot tahan already.. don noe is it sensitive o wat.. my stomach don feel gd too.. the music is too loud for me.. if i am not preg think i will like that place... hehe.. i miss going cheong with my grp of frens.. hehe

can see from darling face, he is not happy to stay thr too.. like me he is worried that the music will b too loud for baby n his ear drums.. we left after staying thr for less than 10mins n we go back slp.. along the way back i told baby.. we won go such noisy place again.. hehe..


my Pal Vivian ROM - 10th Mar 2008

Date: 10th Mar 2008

Vivian n James ROM today.. reached ROM at 2pm.. ceremony will start on 2.40pm.. we had some photo taking n waited for their turn

they treated us to dim sum buffet at a restaurant in chinatown after the ceremony

Superstar Virgo Weekend Cruise - Day 3 (Going Home)

Date: 9th March 2008

y does holiday always end so early. Wake up super early to cheong casino for the last min.. but still haiz.. we lost quite a lot this time round..

Dim Sum Breakfast

we went ard the cruise to take pictures again b4 going home.. virgo is leaving Sin to HKG n so this is my last time on superstar virgo.. must take pic for memories..

this is whr darling propose to me in oct 2005

Superstar Virgo Weekend Cruise - Day 2 (whole day)

Date: 8th March 2008
Dim Sum Breakfast
For lunch, we can choose to have Chinese o Western Food, we choose to have western food. The whole course took us 2hr to finish eating
1st course - appetiser

2nd Course - Soup
3rd Course - Main Dish
Last Course - Desserts

went back to our room after a short walk ard the ship. Am feeling tired n time to take my afternoon nap. Went swimming after i wake up from my 1hr nap.. hehe
my maternity swimsuit.. so paisei at the pool.. i look like a fat woman in swimsuit.. haha
after shower n some pics taken in our room

our room no.. 4d nvr open this no lehz..

along the corridoor, outside our room

BBQ Dinner along the swimming pool

lucky us, it started raining when we finish our last bite on the plate.. haha

since its raining n after the heavy dinner, we walk ard to take pic again
Indian Restaurant - this, u have to pay for the meal
Japanese Restaurant - this also u have to pay
Main Lobby