Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New Gadgets

darling recently just got me 2 new gadgets.. a new handphone n a laptop.. love you darling..

u must be wondering y darling is so nice suddenly.. hehe.. well coz my handphone and desktop are a bit siow siow already so no choice but to get new ones.. we paid both these on instalments.. too exp n xiong to pay both at the same time.. we need cash for bb arrivals n bb items too..

we bought Nokia N82.. according to si gu.. he says so far he uses this phone.. he feels this phone quite good and since its been a long time since i use nokia, i decide to give it a try.. i got the black colour 1.. have been using it for 2weeks n i find it good too.. photos taken r oso very sharp n clear..

as for laptop, we bought Compaq Presario V3000

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Advanced Mother's Day Celebration

Date: 27th April 2008 (sunday)

as mummy is going to shanghai on 8th may.. she won't b around during Mother's Day and so we celebrated Mother's Day in advance.. We went to 'Tian Jin Lou' at Chinatown.. the 1 that TCS Artisit Wang Tian Cai advertise on TV.. the food is not very fantastic and we din really enjoy the dinner at all.. we told mummy we will make up to her again.. haha.. after dinner we had desserts at 'Xiang Yuan' somewhr nearby and head over to carrefour for some shopping.. send my bro back to camp n his gf home after tat..


i often heard pple saying they have backpain due to Epidural during delivery.. does any 1 of u thr has backpain after giving birth?

Monday, April 28, 2008

Visit to Gynae @ 25weeks

Date: 28th April 2008 (monday)
went to doc ang today.. she checks my placenta n good news.. my placenta has moved from 3cm to 6cm which means i can go for natural birth already.. she did the normal scan on bb and today bb is so active n think he is hungry coz he is busy swallowing n kicking today.. hehe.. hubby n me r so happy to see bb.. according to doc ang.. bb is growing well n since my bleeding has stopped n my placenta has moved up.. i can go for light walk n swimming already.. weather is so hot these few days.. the tot of going swimming is so wonderful.. haha... doc oso check on bb weight today.. bb is 500g now..
doc ang oso commented on my wt gain.. i have gain 3.5 kg and she says don't gain too much wt.. she made me promise her i only can gain 2kg per mth.. anything more than tat is a no-no.. think its time i start to ctrl on wat i eat n go for a walk n swim whenever possible since it will aid in delivery too.. hehe

Friday, April 25, 2008

Active Baby

baby has been so active recently.. always kicking inside me.. think he is practising his kicks inside so that he can protect mummy.. hehe.. he will stop when me o daddy talk to him.. sometimes talking doesn't help and so i will sing him 'twinkle twinkle little star' and most of the time he will stop and daddy says baby like mummy's singing.. hehe

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mummy's Going Shanghai on 8th May 08

Mummy is confirmed going to shanghai on 8th may.. we helped her book her air tix last nite.. she is taking the 10am flt n will reached shanghai at 3.30pm.. daddy is not coming to the airport to pick her up but has arranged her to go on the same ride to whr they r staying with another uncle from his co n his wife.. so all 3 of them will meet at shanghai airport for the van..

daddy seemed very excited tat mummy is going over soon.. he calls sis up to remind her to help mummy book tix.. so happy to see tat they r still so close n lovely after marrying for 26yrs.. hehe..

Friday, April 18, 2008

Mummy is Going Shanghai too

mummy has spoken to her boss abt working till 26th apr so that she can takes the 28th apr flt to shanghai but her boss is unable to release her tat soon coz she has difficulites finding some1 to replace mummy within such short period of time.. we oso understand her difficulties and so she told mummy the earlier she can resign is 7th may n so if everything goes on well n planned.. mummy will take the 8th may flt to shanghai alone and daddy will pick her up at shanghai airport to where they r staying.. daddy called yest and say the journey from pudong airport to their accomodation take 5hr by car.. haha.. super long journey hor..

mummy was discussing with me yest on my confinement.. she says she will go over to daddy's side 1st see if daddy can cope with him alone thr anot.. mummy is worried that with daddy's character he may not wan to go to auntie hse for dinner n may go outside to eat unhealthy food and she is worried that his diabetics may worsen.. so she says if daddy cannot cope alone.. she will stick with daddy as long as daddy is at shanghai so i may have to engage a confinement lady during my confinement.. i told sis abt mummy decision n she asked if i will blame mummy anot.. of coz not.. y sld i blame mummy.. i am in sin with so many relatives n aunties ard me.. they will surly lend a helping hand if need any.. esp my MIL.. think if i call her for help she will def help me 1.. hehe.. but daddy is alone thr.. he is so used to come home for a healthy home cooked foods by mummy.. with this sudden change n change of environment n his condition now.. we all feel daddy needs mummy more than me..

thou i am a new mummy but i feel we all learn as we grow.. give me more time to learn n i think i can b a good mummy too.. rite baby.. hehe.. baby is kicking mummy.. think he agree with me too.. haha...

Thursday, April 17, 2008

HELP!! can any1 recommend me gd n reliable confinement lady???

initially my mum wanted to help me with my confinement but bcoz daddy is going overseas to work.. mummy has to follow him thr.. daddy will need mummy more than me.. so i have to source for a confinement lady to help me with my confinement..


my expected due date is between 1st to 9th aug 2008.. i am expecting to be either end of jul o early aug since many say 1st birth the date is usually earlier..

i think i have put on too much weight

o dear.. i think i have eaten too much recently.. i feel myself getting fatter all around.. o no.. my next appt to Doc Ang.. she sure will scold me n don allow me to put on too much weight.. she says putting on sudden weight is not gd.. hehe.. wonder how much weight i have gain recently.. hehe.. my last visit to Doc Ang.. i gain 1.5kg in a mth n she say i have gained too much.. with my appetiate getting bigger nowadays.. i think i will have gained 2-3kg this mth already.. i get hungry very fast now n i have to eat supper b4 going to bed.. if not i can't slp.. hehe.. at least give me a glass of milk for supper n i can slp well already..

baby is very active recently.. always kicking mummy.. n bb is so cute.. think bb noe the off wk timing of daddy.. ard 7+ everyday.. bb will kick n kick n kick.. but daddy is off wk n reach home.. he will stopped n will kick again when daddy tok to him.. now daddy fav hobby is to fondle bb n to tok to bb.. think bb can now recognised daddy voice coz bb will now respond by kicking when daddy tok to him.. daddy is so happy with this..

counting down to bb birth.. excited n scare at the same time.. so many telling me how pain the process is going to b.. how not to b scare.. but the tot of getting to see bb soon.. i am so excited n juz cant wait for this moment to come soon...

Daddy Go Shanghai

this morning we send daddy to airport.. he's going shanghai to work for 2mths.. too bad its too sudden if not mummy would have resigned n go with him today.. mummy n me cried at the airport when daddy goes in.. think we r all too worried for him.. he is stubborn n has quick tempered and recently doc juz diagnosed him with diabetics.. we r so scare that he don noe how to control his diet and drink beer at shanghai.. the wife of the other uncle who is working with daddy is going with them.. she is a very health consicious person and she cooks very light food.. at least with her ard.. we r not so worried..

mummy will try to resign within these 2wks coz the co will b sending another uncle to shanghai on 28th apr and if mummy can resign by then.. she will go with this uncle to meet daddy at shanghai.. we r juz worried that her boss will be unreasonable n don allow her to resign within 2wks coz the policy of the co is to serve 1mth notice if u wanna resign.. hopefully she understand y mummy wan to go out of a sudden.. with daddy illness and he's alone thr.. don think mummy will b happy here lor.. but mummy oso very confused.. on 1 hand she don wan to go coz she wan take care of me till end of my confinement.. on the other hand she is worried abt daddy alone thr at shanghai.. so i told mummy.. don worry.. i am here with so many pple ard to help.. i have my MIL, my god auntie and my sis to help me.. y worry.. daddy is alone thr.. he is the 1 who really need u to b thr.. now we can only keep our fingers crossed n hope her boss will b understanding enough to let her resign..

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Daddy is Confirmed going to Shanghai

Mummy juz told us daddy is going shanghai to work this mth 17th.. he is taking the 10am flight.. he don us to go send him but think we will go send him coz daddy will b going for 2mths then back for a wk and then bk to shanghai again.. according to the arrangements of the co.. he will be coming for a wk every 2mths n mummy will go with him after my confinement.. :(