Saturday, June 28, 2008

27th June 2008 - Friday

Date: 27th June 2008 Friday

Darling n keong attended a customer's wedding dinner at Meritus Mandarin.. so left me n Meihui with nothing to do and so i jio her out to shop.. since darling they all are going to Orchard Area and so we decide to shop at orchard too..

Meihui n myself we had dinner at NYDC.. after tat we walked over to Paragon.. wanted to check out if the gucci bag that i eyed has stock anot but realised Gucci is having sales on certain bag now.. so we walked around Gucci for a while but nothing catch our eyes.. We then walked to Metro.. need to get present for Wei n Father in law as their birthday is on 29th June.. i got a sexy undergarment for wei n a belt for my FIL..

after tat we had coffee at TCC at International Building waiting for darling n keong to finish their dinner.. after which we went to Ritz Carlton to find wei n sandy.. they booked a room there to celebrate wei's birthday.. they booked the Premier Suite n its so nice...

Thursday, June 26, 2008

24th June 2008 - Last Antenatal Class

Date: 24th June 2008 (Tuesday)

today is the last lesson for the antenatal courses.. no practical class today.. only lecture..

today class is divided into 2 parts:-

1) Breastfeeding
she shares with us the benefits of breastfeeding, y is breastfeeding good for mummy n baby, the nutrients in breastfeeding, etc.. she oso demostrate some position for breastfeeding baby and we r shown some slides as to wat will happen when we breastfeed baby incorrectly and what measures can we do to prevent n slove the problems..

2) Bathing Baby
she demostrate to us how to change n shower baby.. seems to be easy but we must not forget that baby r very soft initially.. i wonder if i dare to shower Jayden anot.. darling keeps saying so simple.. he will shower Jayden everyday if possible.. so i told him.. next time u wake up earlier.. shower Jayden 1st then go work lor.. for mummy we can bond baby thru breastfeeding but for daddy i guess the only time he can bond with baby is when he is showering baby bah.. darling says ok.. he will do tat.. i shall wait n see.. hehe..

1st time darling never falls asleep during lecture class.. think he is very interested with today's lesson.. so glad that darling is paying attention to all the classes so far and he has promised to try and help me as much as he could.. thanks god for darling willingness to learn n he anxiousness to look after baby next time.. thanks darling..

Serene's Prince

Date: 24th June 2008 (Tuesday)

went over to Serene's House after lunch in the afternoon, been long since i go visit her n her little prince Llyod.. how times flies.. he's already 1yr plus going to b 2years old soon in this coming oct.. he can speak very fluently n clear n is so cute n cheerful.. initially when serene ask him to call my ah yi.. he still shy shy but when i start to play with him.. he gets very close to me n keep calling me yi yi.. so cute..

Llyod posing for the camera when i told him i wan take pic for him..

Monday, June 23, 2008

22nd June 2008 Sunday

Date: 22nd June 2008 Sunday

had dinner with Jac + her hubby n Jas + her hubby at Swensens Tampines Mall.. Jac brings her cute n chubby Shuan with them.. he's juz so cute.. Jas bought Jayden a blanket with Jayden name swen on it.. n its in purple in colour.. my fav colour.. the blanket is very nice.. i am sure Jayden will love it as much as i love it..

he's tired already.. getting cranky already
Shuan with his yummy drumsticks n he falls asleep while he sucks on it
after dinner, darling went with me to kiddy palace at Century Square, we went there to check out Jayden baby cot n to compare prices.. We had desserts at Hagaan Dazz..

21st June 2008 - Saturday

Date: 21st June 2008 (Saturday)

meet up our frens that we know last year during our honeymoon to Europe.. they are a fun group to b with n we had plans to go taipei next year Apr if possible.. we had dinner at Earle Swensens at Vivo.. wanted to have something else but everywhere is packed.. its so great to meet up with them..

Doris + 2 preggies Me n Sharon

After dinner, we went to Mother's Care at Harbour Front.. walked around for a while and went Airport to meet keong, meihui, wei n sandy.. we r sending mother in law's maid back to her country since her contract is up.. After tat we wanted to have ice cream at Swensens but the queue is very long n so we took a sky train from T2 to T3 as there's another Swensens there but too bad its not opened for 24hrs and so we end up eating mee rebus n roti at Wang Cafe at T3..

Saturday, June 21, 2008

my Parents In Laws

yesterday, darling told me something very funny.. my father in law was looking at the table calendar and suddenly he told my mother in law in shock..

here's the conversation:-

FIL: wow so fast 20th liao ah
MIL: ya lar, if not u tot wat
FIL to MIL: tear away 1 more pc of calendar and you r going to be grandma already
MIL then smile with a big smile
FIL to MIL: say you going to be grandma and you smile till so happy ah..
MIL to FIL: as if u not happy to be grandpa, you more happier than me ok..

that's how cute n funny my in laws are sometimes, they may be quite stern looking at times, but they can be funny at times too.. they are very kan cheong n excited to Jayden's arrival. My FIL esp is super anxious, according to my MIL, he will look at all the baby's stuffs like stroller etc whenever they go shopping and he will wan buy this buy that but luckily my MIL will stop him if not i think Jayden is going to get a lorry full of toys n items liao..

Mickey Mouse Clothes

i went shopping yesterday and saw this mickey mouse top n bottom and so i decide to buy for my mickey mouse.. hehe

as Jayden is born in the year of rat and he is a boy.. i thought i should get him some Mickey Mouse Clothes.. hehe

Gifts From 婶婆

Dear's 婶婶, that's is Jayden's 婶婆 bought Jayden some lovely clothes but too big already.. think he can only wear when he's older but at least he gots clothes to wear till he's a big boy.. hehe..

Thursday, June 19, 2008

No more swimming for me

i asked darling when is he bringing me n baby Jayden inside me for a swim again.. his ans is very firm n stern.. "NO".. he is not bringing us for a swim till after i give birth already.. haiz sianz .. his reason is that he noes that water bag will burst when we r into labour, n wat if so happen that my water bag burst when i am in the pool, there's no way we would have realised that the water bag has burst coz we have been told that we have to b admitted to hospital as soon as water bag is burst.. darling is worried abt this n so in order not to stress him further, i shall listen to him n stop going swimming for the time being till Jayden is born then i can go swimming again..

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

17th June 2008 - 3rd Antenatal Class

Date: 17th June 2008 (Tuesday)

After we r done with the pre-admission, we went for a light snack at Takashimaya n went back to Gleneagles for our 3rd Antenatal class..

Today class is divided into 2 parts, the theory class n the practical class..

for the theory class, the lady explained the 3 stages of labour to us and what the hubby can do during our delivery in the delivery ward. She also told us what happen during labour n the admission procedures.

for pratical class, we had a mock labour to practise all the breathing techniques n pushing technique. After which, she shows us 4 different video clips on 4 various deliveries.. the whole process was shown from the contraction, to injecting epidural, to baby head crowning to baby coming out.. it really freak me out.. darling is also shocked n he is worried that he might b able to tahan watching when i delivery.. haha..

Baby at 32 weeks

Date: 17th June 2008 (Tuesday)

Went to the normal checkup at Doc Ang today.. had the usual scan to check on baby.. according to Doc Ang, baby is now 2.5kg at 32 weeks.. many babies won even b so heavy at birth.. jayden still has 5 weeks b4 he reaches the 37th week which is a full term for baby.. Jayden is gaining 300g per week instead of the normal 200g per week.. doc ang says its a good sign.. baby is absorbing all the nutrients from the food i eat..

baby's head width as measured by the scan is 35 weeks which means baby is going to be a huge baby.. Doc Ang is very pleased with baby's weight gain and baby weight now.. she says baby is going to a huge baby.. but she still encourage me to go for natural birth.. she says as long as baby is less than 4kg when its time to go for delivery i can try for natural birth if not i might have to opt for c-section..

we had also done the pre-admission at Gleneagles, the lady told us all those things that will b provided by the hospital during baby stay and what we have to bring on our own during the stay n when going home.. i have choose to take their 2 beded ward... getting more n more kan cheong liao.. time r counting down already..

i very glad that baby is growing so well inside me.. i think thats explained y Jayden's kicks are so hard n powerful.. just cant wait to see jayden soon.. hehe.. will go see doc ang in 3 weeks time again..

17th June 2008 - 3rd Antenatal Class

Date: 17th June 2008 (Tuesday)

After we r done with the pre-admission, we went for a light snack at Takashimaya n went back to Gleneagles for our 3rd Antenatal class..

Today class is divided into 2 parts, the theory class n the practical class..

for the theory class, the lady explained the 3 stages of labour to us and what the hubby can do during our delivery in the delivery ward. She also told us what happen during labour n the admission procedures.

for pratical class, we had a mock labour to practise all the breathing techniques n pushing technique. After which, she shows us 4 different video clips on 4 various deliveries.. the whole process was shown from the contraction, to injecting epidural, to baby head crowning to baby coming out.. it really freak me out.. darling is also shocked n he is worried that he might b able to tahan watching when i delivery.. haha..

Swimming with Darling Keith n Vera

Date: 17th June 2008 (Tuesday)

took our Darling Keith n his sister Vera to Jalan Besar Swimming Complex for a swim in the morning. Its school holiday now and the pool is very crowded with many children. Keith n Vera enjoyed themselves alot and have promised to take them go swimming again next time.. but guess it will be after i deliver n when Jayden is more than 2mths old.. hehe..

playground at Kids Pool
keith enjoying himself in the kids pool
me n darling keith
Darling taking care of keith n vera.. a good chance for him to learn how to take care of children n how to communicate with them so that next time he will b able to take care of Jayden too..
darling with keith
after this we took them to suntec for burger king lunch.. keith can really eat.. he can finish a BK chicken burger on his own n he is such a good boy.. i told him not to drink so much coke and he listen to me..
from this trip, i know darling will be able to take care of jayden well next time too.. he can patient n fierce at different time.. hehe

Monday, June 16, 2008

14th June 2008

Date: 14th June 2008 (Saturday)

Meet up Jac, Jac's Hubby Eugene, Shuxian, Renuka n Rachel at East Coast Park Mac for breakfast.. been a year since we last meet up.. Jac brings her baby prince Shuan along too.. o Shuan is so cute.. n so chubby.. hehe..

in the evening, went over to Ah ma hse at AMK..

Celebrated Julian's, dear Cousin 21st Bday, had a yummy buffet dinner
the mahjong bday Cake
the bday boy making his bday wish
he blow n he puff n he blow...
but the candles juz won't goes off, they played a trick on him n got him those magic candles that require you to blow many times b4 it will goes off
bday boy with his mummy and sister
bday boy with ah gong n ah ma n relatives
bday boys with ah yees
bday boy with his sis
bday boy with si gim n si gu

its also Yong Sheng, another dear's Cousin bday too.. his mummy bought him a bday cake too.. hehe.. we had 2 different cakes on tat day..
Bday boy
bday boy with his mummy, sis n bro
bday boy with the younger cousins

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Daddy and Mummy is Back..

Date: 11th June 2008 (wednesday)

Yeah daddy and mummy are coming back for 1 week from Shanghai, we fetched them from Changi Airport. They arrived here at 7.30pm and when we reached airport, they are already out waiting for us. We drove them home to put their luggage and had dinner together. Mummy bought us many things from Shanghai.. so happy to see them.. but they are leaving on 18th June 2008 again.. andthey will back soon on 31st July 2008 after which Mummy will stay in Singapore to help me with my confinement till mid october when daddy is back again then she will follows him to shanghai again..

Baby New Clothes from 婆婆

Daddy n Mummy are back from Shanghai and they buy 3 pcs of tops for Jayden and some chinese nursery ryhmes songs for him too.. i played those discs for Jayden and he kicks a lot inside me.. think he likes those songs too.. hehe.. o mayb Jayden is happy that 外公 n 外婆 is back already.. hehe..

tops from 婆婆
chinese nursery rhymes - front

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

scary-- counting down already

o gosh.. i can start counting down to Jayden's arrival liao... today is already my 31st week and 5days.. Jayden is coming in another 8 wks n 2days.. o my.. super scare now.. wat if the pain is super unbearable? ... i am 1 who cannot tahan a single pain.. juz cannot imagine wat it will b like when the real contractions come? how will i react? will i still b so blur and will i 4get to bring all the necessaries to hospital? hmm think in another 2 wk we shall start packing our hospital bag.. juz in case we miss out anything..

10th June 2008 - 2nd Antenatal Class

Date: 10th June 2008 (Tuesday)

Had our 2nd Antenatal Class today. Class today is mainly on practical. We are show some slides on the different stages of labour and the instructress explained all stages clearly to us..

Labour is divided into 3 stages:

The first stage begins with the onset of contractions that cause progressive changes in your cervix and ends when your cervix is fully dilated.
This stage is divided into two phases: early (or latent) and active labor.During early labor, your cervix gradually effaces (thins out) and dilates (opens). That's followed by active labor, when your cervix begins to dilate more rapidly and contractions are longer, stronger, and closer together. People often refer to the last part of active labor as transition.

The second stage of labor begins once you're fully dilated and ends with the birth of your baby. This is sometimes referred to as the pushing stage.

The third and final stage begins right after the birth of your baby and ends with the separation and subsequent delivery of the placenta.

she also teaches us the 4 types of breathing techniques to adopt if we are not using epidural. According to her, these techniques aim is to diversify our mind to concentrate on the breathing rather than the contraction pain. Darling also gets to b involved as he will b beside me during labour and most of the time, we tend to forget all these techniques when in pain n so our spouse duty is to remind us and give us encouragement.. she also told us that some preggies during labour esp during the stage when its time to push n baby head is at crowning stage, some will actually get very emotional.. some will cry and say they wan go home n don wan to give birth while some will start shouting n scolding the nurses, the doc n even the poor daddy.. hehe.. but she says most of the time after baby is delivered and if u ask her wat she scold juz now, most likely she won rem what she had said earlier on.. hehe.. darling says he feel i will be those type that will shout n scold him.. so i told him.. gd ah.. a very good time to really scold him hard.. haha..

lastly, she also teaches us how to push during labour, for this she don wan us to practise at home, think she scare if we push too much , scarly we go into early delivery.. all along i thought pushing is like shitting but infact the pushing feel sld b like u r having a urge to urine.. hehe.. hehe.. darling says he feels i def cant push 1.. hehe.. so look down on me.. haha...

9th June 2008 - Swimming Time

Date: 9th June 2008 (Monday)

Darling's off day today.. we went swimming in the evening.. Due to school holiday now, the pool is quite crowded and the water is so cooling esp in the hot weather now.. Jayden is so excited when we r in the pool, keep feeling his kicks, think he is swimming happily inside too.. hehe.. we swam for about 30mins and shower and left.. was telling Darling, we shall bring Jayden here for a swim when he's older too coz there's a playing pool there for kids and i believe Jayden is going to have a great time there next time..

next we head to holland v for dinner, had a simple dinner at the hawker centre there and darling brought us to Hagaan Dazz for Desserts.. so yummy.. hehe

8th June 2008 - Motherhood Fair at Expo

Date: 8th June 2008 (Sunday)

went to Motherhood fair at Expo.. People mountain People sea.. very crowded with many preg women n mummies around.. hehe.. i signed up for a 3yrs subscription to Motherhood Magazine and receive lots of freebies from them. Also bought a sarong sling for Jayden so that I can carry him around next time with ease and can oso breastfeed him in public..

there's a booth on cord blood, darling n myself, we went to find out more and we have decided to store Jayden's cord blood with cordlife.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

1st Antenatal Classes

Date: 3rd June 2008 (tuesday)

we signed up for Gleneagles Antenatal Classes last month and today is the 1st day of the class.. the class is on every Tue and there's a total of 4 classes for the whole course.

The 1st part of the 1st lesson was on Nutrition n Diet. Thou most of us already know the importance of certain nutrients to us now but its still good to listen to the professionals sometimes too.. I thought its already too late for me to join these kind of classes since i am going into my 31st week soon but guess i'm wrong coz most of the mums in this classes r in 3rd trimester like me too

2nd part of the the lesson was exercise n posture. The nurse taught us some simple exercises to do now at home for pregnancy and she also give us an idea on the correct posture to sit, slp and stand during pregnancy. She also taught us the Kegel exercises, exercises that you can do to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles — that is, the muscles that support your urethra, bladder, uterus, and rectum

overall, its fun and i will practise those exercises often at home esp kegel exercise


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

West side of Singapore

Date: 2nd June 2008 (monday)

today darling n me, we did a crazy thing.. we drove all the way to bukit timah for dinner, we like the claypot fishhead there.. it was yummy i feel.. din take pic of it coz both of us forgot to take our handphone out.. hehe.. i tot i am the only blur person.. darling oso got influence by me already..

Doc Ang has advised me to walk ard 1hr per day and so darling took me to West Coast Park for a walk since its quite near bukit timah. Its been a long time since i go to west coast park.. it had changed a lot and i feel its a great place to take a walk after dinner.. i feel its even beta than east coast park.. after the walk, we shared a cup of sundae from macdonald together.. darling had been so sweet lately.. wonder if he will still b the same after Jayden is born? i do hope so.. hehe

Back to the Nature

Date: 1st June 2008 (sunday)

went picnic on sunday evening with my god auntie (auntie ah heok), darling, my sis n my mum's god grandson oso my beloved keith to Pasir Ris Park for a picnic. The initial idea was to let keith go and cycle but ends up too late already and so he did not get a chance to cycle but he did enjoy himself still.. aunite cooked us a nice n delicious meal that consists of fried bee hoon, curry vegetables, fried chicken wings, sotong balls n cheese hotdogs.. n she even prepare apples for us after the meal.. hehe..

darling had a great time with keith too.. he carries keith to the seaside, kick ball with him and even play at the playground with him.. hehe must let darling has more chance like this so that he can practise to b a good daddy when Jayden is born.. hehe.. o ya not to forget keith, he had so much fun that he refuse to go home when we say its time to go home.. n he is so naughty.. guess wat he calls me? haha.. ah fat.. haha.. so cute rite.. we all dotes on this little boy alot esp when he smile.. we all will melt.. haha..

Monday, June 2, 2008

Andrew n Catherine's Wedding 31st May 2008

Attended Cat n Andrew's wedding at RELC international hotel.. its located beside Shangri-La Hotel. Cantonese food is served and the food is not bad.. poor darling, we actually mix a glass of horrible for andrew to drink but he insist that we have share tat drink if we wan him drink, so no choice, darling has to drink coz no 1 at tat table is willing to drink tat.. so what is in that drink? its a mixture of beer, brandy, egg white, some tonic soup from 1 of the dishes n some i donoe wat they add too.. yucky rite?? hehe