Thursday, July 31, 2008

Jayden at Day 24

Daddy changing Diaper

Darling helping Jayden to change his siaper.. darling is doing a very good job at taking of Jayden so far..

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ah Gong & Ah Ma Playing with Jayden

My ILs will come to our house at least 2-3 times a week to play with Jayden.. they like playing with Jayden esp my MIL.. Jayden also like to play with Ah Ma, he will smile a lot when ah ma play with him.. my FIL also like to play with Jayden, he initially don dare to carry Jayden but we encourage him to do so, now he like to carry Jayden too.. hehe..

p/s: i am still new to my HP video function and so the video is upside down hehe...

Jayden when he is Hungry

Jayden when hungry will rub his hand against his mouth like eating chicken drumstick and he will start to make noise and if he is not noticed, he will start to wail and cry.. no wonder pple always say 'A Hungry Man is An Angry Man'

Jayden on Day 19 - 26th July 2008

Jayden at Day 8 - 15th July 2008

Jayden's Da Bo, Future Da Bo Mu, Shu Shu and Future Xiao Shen came to see Jayden at night after they finish work..

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Jayden on 13th Day

Date: 20th July 2008 (Sunday)

time flies.. jayden is already 13 days old..

Present from Da Bo (Darling elder's bro) and Meihui.. see how well baby slp in.. hehe

Jayden on 13th Day

Date: 20th July 2008 (Sunday)

time flies.. jayden is already 13 days old..

Present from Da Bo (Darling elder's bro) and Meihui.. see how well baby slp in.. hehe

Taken on the 2nd Day

This pic is taken by Peter Pan Studio when Jayden is 2 day old.. we r resting in the ward when the lady from Peter Pan Studio came in and ask if we r interested to let Jayden take pic so we agree and they took this pic for him.. so don look like him hor.. hehe..

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Wound Review at Gynae - 18th July 2008

this morning, Jayden umbilical cord is bleeding and so i quickly phone Singapore Baby and Child Clinic to make appt with Doc Yip.. i have a wound review appt with Doc Ang at 2.15pm and so the clinic staff suggest tat i come see Doc Yip at 1.45pm since he is at lvl 7 and Doc ang is at lvl 5..

Doc Yip check on Jayden cord and so he has a slight infection, he gave us a tube of cream and a bottle of bottle to apply to the infected area and he says Jayden umbilical cord will drop off in a day or two..

After tat, i went to Doc Ang Clinic for my wound review.. Doc Ang says my wound has healed but my piles that i've got after delivery is still there, she precribes me some medication for the piles.. she also ask if i am breastfeeding Jayden, i told her abt my pathetic milk supply, she ask me to go pharmacy to get a supplement which i cannot rem the name now n she also gave me some medication so that i can increase my milk supply.. she asks me to try for another 4days, some pple the milk supply will come in later. She asks me not to give up yet..

at night, i used my breastpump to pump and for the 1st time, i got milk in the bottle, not only 10ml.. but i am already very happy.. at least this proves that my milk supply is coming in already.. jia you jia you...


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Post Natal Massage

I've started on my 6days malay massage on tuesday.. my massage lady i find her quite gd n pro and friendly.. i seem to have lost a bit of inches on my waist.. hehe.. i told abt my breast milk problem, she helps me to massage my breast and now i have droplets of breastmilk when i squeeze my breast, to me i think it is an achievement already.. thou not much, but i still let Jayden latch on for ard 5-10 mins each side then will feed him FM too coz its juz not enough to satisfy him.. the supply is juz too little till nothing comes out when i pump.. hehe.. but i am not giving up.. my massage lady oso say i may not have enough milk for baby coz my breast still don feel engorge now but she says at least let baby have that few droplets too.. at least i have tried my best, she also advise me not to give up yet but don feel too stressed too.. FM is good too.. hehe...

Monday, July 14, 2008

Jayden 1st Visit to Doc

Date: 14th July 2008 (Monday)
today is jayden's 1st visit to his Doc at Gleneagles.. his doc is Doc Y.Y Yip from Singapore Baby and Child Clinic.. Jayden sleeps all his way from home to the hospital.. his appt is at 10.30am but we reached Gleneagles earlier to register his birth.. Jayden's full name is Lim Jun Xian, Jayden..
the clinic is quite packed when we reached there coz there are, i think around 4 docs there.. we register Jayden to see doc and waited for less than 10mins for our turn.. Doc Yip check on baby and say his Jaudice level is better and that Jayden neck is quite strong.. he says Jayden is very healthy and is doing fine.. so glad to hear tat.. he cries when Doc Yip undress him n stops when he put the hearing scope on him.. this little boy is so funny sometimes... hehe...
the waiting time for payment is longer than the waiting time to see doc.. we make payment n go home.. Jayden is sleeping soundly now..

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Jayden from Birth 8th July 08 - Day 6 13th July 08

Jayden is 6 days old today.. he changes everyday and is a very good boy.. always sleeping and his pose when he sleeps is so adorable.. he will only wails when he is hungry and he gets frustrated when he is not feed on time.. poor baby he is drinking formula milk these few days as his mummy do not have any breastmilk supply for him.. no flow of breastmilk nor any engorgement.. i latch Jayden on but he end up crying.. hehe.. sorry my darling.. mummy has no milk for you yet.. i am still trying to pump and latch him on for a while b4 feeding him formula.. hoping this will stimulate and let the flow of breastmilk come in early.. i will try for a few days more.. if this still persists, i guess i will have to give up on breastfeeding and let baby be on complete formula feeding... here are some pics taken the past few days.. see how much Jayden has grow these few days....

Jayden at Birth - 8th July 2008
Jayden - 8th Jul 2008
Jayden on 2nd Day 9th July 2008
there are no pics of Jayden for the 3rd day as he was admitted for a day at the nursery due to Jaudice.. it was so heartpain for me to leave him alone at the hospital alone.. but lucky the next day, we can fetch him home already..

Jayden on 4th Day 11th July 2008 - I can finally bring Jayden home..

Jayden and his milk at home 11th July 2008

Jayden on 5th Day 12th July 2008 - he will cover his ears sometimes esp when he is sleeping.. his sleeping pose resembles mine sometimes.. its such a pleasure to see him sleep.. My Mummy bathing Jayden the 1st time at home.. he cries very very loudly when he is bathing.. this little boy is so afraid of water...
Jayden with his Daddy on Day 5 - 12th July 2008
Jayden at Day 5 12th July 2008
Jayden with his Wai Po 12th July 2008
Jayden with Ah Yi 12th July 2008 Jayden with his Mummy 12th July 2008
Serene advise me to bring Jayden out for suntanning for his Jaudice, we bring him for his 1st suntan today 13th July 2008 8am for 5 mins coz the sun is too glaring n we feel its too hot for him already..
Daddy kissing Jayden 13th July 2008
Jayden on 6th Day 13th July 2008

Friday, July 11, 2008

Breast Milk Supply

today is already the 4day since Jayden is born but my milk supply is still not here yet.. i don have breast engorgement and no leaking of milk.. Jayden cries when he latch on for a while, think it could b that he cant get any milk from me.. seeing him cries when he is hungry and i have no milk for him, we decide to let him have formula milk 1st but i will not give up.. i will continue trying till i have milk for him...

Visiting of Jayden

I stayed in Gleneagles from tue and was discharged on thurs, poor Jayden, he was diagnosed with Jaudice and had to stay 1 more day at the hospital..

During my 2 days stay at hospital, our relatives and friends came visit me and Jayden at the hospital.. so happy to see them all and thanks all for their wishes and presents for Jayden..

my Parents in law were so happy when they see Jayden.. many say Jayden resembles his papa.. hehe...

my mum rushed back from shanghai when she knows Jayden is born.. she is now at my home helping with my confinement..

Me with Jayden
My parents in law and Jayden
my sis with Jayden
my brother with Jayden
my brother's GF shihui with Jayden
Melvin n Stephanie with Jayden
Si Gim and Shuping with Jayden
Tracy and Louis with Jayden
Anthony with Jayden
Vivian and James with Jayden

Jayden Birth Story

Jayden is finally here to meet all of us.. he is born on 8th July 2008 in the morning..

7th July 2008, darling is off today.. we wanted to go concourse to buy some deco for Jayden's 1st month, a bit kiasu to buy so early but i was scare darling won know what to buy and so we planned to buy 1st.. was disappointed when we reached concourse.. it was closed for renovations.. since we haven had lunch and I have appointment with Doc Ang at 3.30pm later, we then drive over to Suntec for lunch..

Very crowded at the food court when we reached Suntec coz lunch time now, we got a seat and darling asked me to go buy what i want eat 1st.. i bought myself a bowl of kuay tiow soup and happily finished it.. when i finished my lunch, i feel wet on my pantyliner.. i've been having brown/greenish discharge the past 2 days and so i thought it could be those discharge again.. darling is still having his lunch and so i walked to the toilet myself.. on the way to the toilet at around 2pm, i feel a small gush of water leaking out and my pants feel wet.. my initial thought was.. did i wet my pants? o gosh.. when i reached toilet cubicle.. another small gush of water leaked out again.. i had a feeling my waterbag had break and so i went back to tell darling.. he then rushed me to Doc Ang Clinic..

we reached Doc Ang clinic at 2.30pm, she was shocked that i still come to her when my water bag burst, the usual procedure is tat i have to admit myself to the delivery ward.. hehe.. well this is my 1st time and since i have appt with her and i do not have any contraction pain and its a mth earlier and so i nvr think tat much and i am also worried wat if this is a false alarm coz normally pple tell me when water bag burst, we will start to have contractions, the funny thing is i don feel any contractions at all.. Doc Ang did an examination for me and say i am 3cm dilated already.. Doc Ang gave me an injection on the buttock to strengthen baby's lung as baby will be born before he is full term.. this injection is super painful.. i then was admitted to the delivery ward at 3.30pm..

i was send up by the hospital staff to the delivery, he is very shocked to see me on the phone when my water bag has burst and tat i am not in pain at all.. hehe.. in the delivery ward, i was asked lots of questions on my medical history etc, this is part of the normal procedure.. i was then strapped onto the CTG machine to monitor baby's heartbeat and contractions intervals.. at around 4.15pm, they removed the straps and i was given 2 pcs of toast and a cup of milo, i was advised to walk ard in the ward.. hehe.. the nurse was shocked to see me in no pain yet.. hehe

at 6.45pm, i was strapped onto CTG machine again, Doc Ang came and checked.. i was already 4cm dilated and still not in pain.. she told me she has arranged for me to b on drip at 9pm to increase contractions and i told the nurse to arrange for Epi to be done at 9pm too coz i was thinking since i have no pain at all, i shall have my delivery in total no pain then.. hehe

at 9pm, Epidural was injected into my back and the drip to increase contraction started.. at 10.45pm, the nurse checked and i am 5cm dilated..

at 1.30am, the 1st dose of epi run out and i was replaced by a new dosage.. at 2am, the nurse checked and i am 6-7cm dilated.. at 4am, i am already 8cm dilated.. i was told to try 2 pushes at 5am, baby is on his way already..

from then onwards, i was intructed to push whenever there is a contraction, the nurse/midwife wil cue me when its time to push.. at ard 6am, doc ang came and say she will assist me and she know i am already out of strength and no more strength to push, furthermore baby's heartbeat is decreasing.. Jayden is born with the help of vacuum.. blessing from god.. my whole delivery was painless and i don even know it when jayden is born.. its only when they put him on me then i realise he is born.. i cried when i see him on me.. the feeling is so unexplainable..

baby is then put in the warmer, they clear his throat everything, put him on the weighing scale and then wrap him up and was given back to me.. when everything is done, baby is pushed to the nursery where they will wash him up.. darling follows the nurse to the nursery and i was cleaned up by them then i am push back to the labour ward..