Friday, August 29, 2008

Jayden on 29th August 2008

yo.. I am Jayden Lim
practising boxing
naughty boy - sticking out his tongue
err.. wat is tat???
busybody - turn when some1 is calling him
Jayden likes us to play with him now.. he will smile n will reply in his baby language
happy happy
likes to behave like a big kid.. haiz.. cannot stand him.. wan to sit up

MIL playing with Jayden

my parents in law will come to our house at least twice a week to play and look at Jayden.. Jayden likes to play with my MIL.. and my MIL likes playing with Jayden too..

Naughty Jayden wants to stand up

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Motherly me

Jayden is going to be 2 mths old soon and this means i am going to a mum for 2mths soon too.. hehe.. being a mum for almost 2 months, i have learnt alot of things.. my sis is telling me she is quite worried n scare to be a mum next time.. she feels baby can b quite hard to handles at times.. so i told her its different when you are a mum urself..
before i have Jayden, i am a person whom cannot tolerate baby or kids crying.. i find their crying very irritating.. but now that i have Jayden.. things are not the same.. to me Jayden is my everything now.. seeing him grow up everyday is such a wonderful thing.. hearing his cries made me wan to rush to him immediately.. soothing him down n to slp gives me a sense of achievement esp when pple ard are unable to sooth him.. bathing him n cleaning him after his poo poo made me feel i am such a wonderful mum.. feeding him and burping after feeding him is my fav as i can hold him close to me like a bear.. watching him play n smile melt my heart... looking like a moron when i stare at his photos on my computer or handphone and start missing him when i go out for a while.. all these feelings are something that we can only experience when we become mummy ourselves... to see ur baby growing up n healthy.. all the sacrifies for freedom, sleep etc are juz simply worth it.. to me now.. the most impt is tat Jayden will grow up well n healthy.. n be a good boy.. mummy loves you my darling Jayden....

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New Benefits for having Babies

Government is encouraging us to have more children by giving more benefits with effect from 1st Jan 2009..

Jayden has fully recovered

last sat, we brought jayden for his wound review, doc checked and told us that his wound has healed completely and that i will not leave any scars next time.. Jayden won't be able to know about this operation unless we tell him hehe.. he do not need to go for checkup or take any medication and his hernia will not come back again..

Bringing Jayden out

we bring Jayden out for a walk..

I am warded for half day

Date: 18th August 2008

i was warded for half day..

that time when i deliver, my placenta was not delivered out in a full piece. I have a small piece inside me and my gynae told me it will comes out on its own.. for the past one month, i have very heavy flow sometimes.. its so heavy till i have very thick clots and my pad will be socked within minutes.. i asked around for my friend's advise and they told me its common for us to get heavy flow after giving birth so i never call my gynae as i tot it will be alright to get such heavy flow. I decide to call my gynae on mon to make an appt to see her when i have such heavy flow again on sun. It already my 40th day after giving birth and i still have such heavy flow.. the more i think abt it the more worried i am..

i went to see my gynae in the morning and after do some checks for me, my gynae told me i still have some placenta tissues inside me and its stuck to my cervix, i have to be warded so that she can do a minor op to help me remove.. she was quite shocked that i waited till now that i go see her.. my appt is at 11am and i am scheduled to have the op at 1.15pm.. i went straight to gleneagles for admission.. they took my blood for test as my gynae is afraid i may lost too much blood and may need blood tranfussion. I was pushed to the op theatre and was put to sleep.. when i wake up and look at the clock, its 3.30pm already.. doc ang came to see me at 6pm and told me the tissue is out and that it was glued to the side and is not easy to remove.. she ask me to monitor my menses flow and to see her immediately if i have heavy flow or very bad stomach cramps.. i will need to go see her again next week for review..

initially she wanted me to stay over for a night.. i asked if i can go back on the day itself anot. i don like to stay in hospital and i miss my son.. whole day never play and carry him.. juz feel so uneasy.. hehe.. i was allowed to discharge at 8pm.. my baby is drinking his milk when i reached home.. my parents in law came and played with jayden.. my mother in law even tried to lift jayden up by pulling his hand.. she is so happy tat jayden is able to sit up with her pulling his hand.. ^_^

Jayden in his new Rocking Chair

Rocking chair from my brother's girlfriend.. jayden like this chair a lot..

Kpo Jayden
Jayden eyes when he is looking at something for a long time
playing by himself in the chair
crying crying

Jayden trying to Lift his head

Jayden at 1 month plus old is now trying to lift his head.. we tried to let him lie on his stomach and he is trying to lift his head.. but think he is not very comfortable with it and he keeps making noise.. hehe

Jayden on 15th Aug 2008

naughty Jayden.. he now don like to be carried like a baby.. he got his own view now.. he like us to carry him like a bear hehe.. but my mummy say don always carry him like tat.. coz jayden's bone is still soft and she is scare we might hurt him.. hehe

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Jayden on 14th Aug 2008

Jayden is 1 mth 6 days old already.. he has developed his own sleeping time and style.. Jayden will be wide awake everyday from 9pm to around 1am to play with us, even if we don play with him, he will lie there and make ee ee ar ar sound, like he is talking to us.. hehe.. and when he sleeps he will stretch often and will make the ee ee ar ar sound too.. quite stress and tiring to sleep with him at night coz his ee ee ar ar sound will wake us up hehe.. but its quite enjoying to see him sleep everyday.. he will sometimes pout his lips and will sometimes smile happily when he is sleeping.. jayden likes playing now too.. he will smile and will use his hand to touch us like he is telling us "come play with me lehz".. jayden is juz so fun to play with but he can also be quite a headache sometimes too.. hehe...

Jayden is sleepy but he still wan to play
sleepy jayden
my smiling jayden when he is sleeping

Jayden's Sarong & Pacifier

in order to pacify Jayden after his op last mon, we decide to let him sleep in sarong (摇篮) and to eat pacifier.. to me i am quite ok with Jayden sleeping in sarong but i am quite against him eating pacifier as i am scare he will had a hard time to kick this habit next time when he's older.. but Jayden is such a good boy.. think he knows mummy don really like him in pacifier and so he will only suck on it for less than 5 mins and will spit it out on his own only once a while he will suck on it longer..
Jayden in 摇篮
Jayden likes to sleep in this as he likes to be carried to sleep
jayden and his nee too (奶嘴)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Jayden's 1st Op

Jayden has his 1st surgery yesterday (11th Aug 2008) due to hernia.. my daddy and mummy went with us.. we reach Mt Alvernia at 7am, did the admission procedure and we were brought to the day surgery ward to wait for the day surgery staffs to come and take us to the operating theatre..

Only 1 person is allowed to follow jayden into the waiting area at the operating theatre, the nurse says it will be better for the mummy to follow jayden coz juz in case they wan ask questions on Jayden..

to do this op, jayden last feeding of milk is at 2am and last feeding of glucose at 4am.. poor jayden, by 6.30am he is already very cranky and starts to cry and make noise.. i see him like tat i so heartpain.. so no choice i have to pacify him, keep patting him and rocking him.. at least i manage to pacify him till 7.45am when doc came.. my eyes are watery when the nurse takes him away from me to the op.. i actually wanted to wait at the waiting area till jayden is out but i decides to go outside to look for dear.. i cry when i see dear.. he has to comfort me.. he brings me to the cafe for breakfast but i am too worried tat i lost all appetiate.. i stay at the cafe for 10mins and i went back to the waiting area alone to wait for jayden..

jayden was out at 8.45am, doc says everything is fine now, we can bathe and feed jayden as per normal immediately.. in case anything we can call him and jayden will go back to see him again for wound review this sat morning.. i heave a sign of relief when jayden is back to my arms..

i think the wound is either making jayden uncomfortable o pain, he is crying all day and we take turns to carry him.. luckily we have decide to let him have pacifier and to sleep in yao lan 2 days before.. we manage to comfort him the whole day with these 2 items..

today jayden is better.. not as cranky as yesterday and is playing with me now.. i am so glad everything is over now and my only hope now is tat jayden will grow up healthy and be good..


Jayden 1st National Day

my Date of Delivery is estimated to be on national day and darling and me have been thinking how good tat will be if jayden is the 1st national day baby.. but hehe.. my darling jayden has decide to come out a mth earlier..

kpo bi..
naughty jayden crying for milk

Jayden is 1 Month Old

Date: 8th Aug 2008

my Darling Jayden is 1 mth old today.. happy 1 mth darling.. Jayden is suppose to due for delivery ard this date but he wanted to come out earlier to see this world and his mummy.. hehe..

Present for Jayden from My Sis

this is from my sis, Jayden's Ah Yi for his 1st mth celebration.. but too bad we can only collect it days after his 1st mth as we had done it too late.. the handprint and footprint is taken when Jayden is 1 week old..

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Bad News

brought Jayden for his 2nd dose of Hep B injection yesterday.. his lousy mummy closed her eyes when the doc inject the dose onto his thigh.. brave Jayden let out a loud cry only and stop immediately when the doc remove the jab.. my little boy is so brave hehe..

doc did a physical checkup on him and says the jayden is growing well at a good weight of 4.05kg now and his neck n bones are very strong too.. but then...

a bad news.. Jayden needs to go for a very very minor surgery on mon at Mt Alvernia.. doc says Jayden has hernia..

Babies don't get hernias from lifting bricks in the back yard. Hernias begin while still in the mother's womb. All fetuses have an opening in the abdominal wall as a part of the developmental process. In boys, this opening allows the testicles to drop from the abdomen into the scrotum. This hole usually closes shortly after birth.

Normally a small portion of the abdominal lining follows the testicle into the scrotum. "This small sac of lining, known as the processus vaginalis, leaves a hole between the abdomen and the scrotum," explains Michael Marchildon, MD, Virtua/duPont pediatric general surgeon. "Over time, this weakness may allow the intestine to drop into the scrotum alongside the testicles causing what's known as an inguinal hernia." In other cases, the hole is too small for the intestine, but fluid fills the sac. This is another common ailment, often mistaken for a hernia, known as a hydrocele.

What are the symptoms?
Dr. Marchildon, a graduate of Stanford University School of Medicine, says that although babies are born with the disorder, parents might not notice the hernia for weeks or even months. "Parents may begin to see a bulge in the child's groin or swelling in the scrotum. The bulge is typically more obvious when the child is crying, coughing or straining."

Although hernias typically don't cause the child pain, parents have few options when it comes to treatment. Dr. Marchildon explains that inguinal hernias will never go away and can be dangerous. "Surgery is the only way to correct the weakness. These hernias can become stuck or incarcerated." Once incarcerated, the pressure could stop the blood supply and strangle the intestine, damage the testicle or, in females, damage the ovary.

Hernia surgery is a fairly short procedure. The child is usually asleep less than an hour. The surgeon makes a small incision in the lower abdomen, just above the groin. The intestine or ovary is pushed back into the abdomen and the sac is tied off at its origin, closing the weakness. In most cases, the child is allowed to return home the same day.

this need to have a minor op to close the hole and doc says this op is very safe and will not have any side effect after tat n it will not affect jayden in any way too.. i happen tat a lady at the clinic heard wat the assistant told me abt this and out of goodwill, she approached me and comfort me coz my eyes are very red.. i almost wan cry when i call darling (darling nvr go with us to the clinic yesterday, i went with my dad n mum) she told me this is a safe op, her 2nd son who is still very young had the same prob and had the same op too.. she says everything will b fine after the op.. n she even give me her hp no and ask me to call her shld i need any advices..

i cant help but to feel scare n worried.. at such young age, jayden has to go thru this.. i feel so sad at the thought tat he has to go thru this..

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

my maid is making me very angry

arrggg.. my new maid is driving me crazy.. my 1st time engaging maid n i have such headaches.. so unlucky..


1st - she says she can look after baby but guess wat.. no lor.. she can't look after baby 1 lor.. when jayden cries, she only knows how to pat him n tats it.. haiz.. she cant look after baby is alright for me as her main purpose is to help me with the housework..


2nd - she don't ask when she don't understand instructions.. she sometimes will juz throw our things away without asking us if we need anot.. 2 incidents.. 1) my mum had a bowl of 1 pc chicken meat at the basin area, she throws aways without asking her.. 2) she throw away our door stopper when we ask her to tidy tat area..


3rd - she goes into my master bedroom when we closed the door and she will open the cupboard in my room when i nvr ask her to open n tidy... we normally don't close the door but tat day, my mum is cooking sesame oil n the smell is very strong n my hubby who is at home tat day cannot stand tat smell and so he close the door so that the smell won't get into our room and we are all in the living room.. this means that no 1 is in the room.. guess wat.. she actually open the door and goes in to tidy my room.. this is something i cannot accept lor.. i am the master.. i close the door and u without asking me open my door n juz go in like tat.. very daring rite..


4th - she goes to my sis room to slp.. we do not have sufficient room and so she is currently sleeping in the living room.. that day, hubby fren came and so i told her if she wan slp juz go ahead to slp, they won b in the living room.. donoe how she listen.. she actually goes to my sis rm (she was not in at tat time) to sleep and furthermore on aircon herself to slp.. ON AIRCON herself ok.. then i go into the room to ask her whr my sis will slp if she slp here.. her reply to me.. "miss not coming bk (in malay)".. i called my sis n she says when did i tell her i was not coming bk..


5th - she cannot speak n understand very very simple english.. how to communicate with her.. i find it irritating to talk to her sometimes.. tat daymy mum ask her baby boy o girl she look at her blurly n say in malay she don understand.. boy o girl oso don understand.. u must wondering then y in the 1st place i choose her.. well.. the agent says she cld speak and understand very simple english and for maid to come singapore to work, they will have to pass an english test and so i decide to choose her coz tat time when i go to the agency, i told them i wan 1 whom can look after after baby n do housework n i was only given 2 choices.. 1 is the maid i have now and the other is a very talkative 1.. after some considerations, we took her coz the agent says she is quite shy n don't talk much.. we don like maid to go ard talking to pple 1.. but who knows.. i feel so cheated.. boy or girl oso don understand.. i wonder how she pass n come here to wk.. o is she trying to act blur.. which in fact she can understand 1..


6th -  she clears my shoerack and some shoes i don wan already, i asked to pack n throw away.. she says she wan.. so i ask her whr she wan keep n she wan keep at my hse.. for goodness sake.. i find it messy thats y i ask her to pack n tidy then she wan keep.. haiz..


i've called the agency to talk to her.. she beta change n try to pick up our language soon, if not i think i may have to change her.. how to tolerate some1 so daring n whom i cant communicate 1.. very difficult lor.. sometimes i juz cant help but feel she is very daring n not a simple person.. sometimes when my mum ask her something.. she will actually raise her voice at my mum.. arrggg.. haiz...

Jayden at Day 28 - 4th Aug 2008

Date: 4th August 2008 (monday)

brought jayden to amk in the afternoon for ah gong n ah ma to carry and play with him.. but naughty jayden keeps sleeping when he is there.. shuping wanted him to wake up but he juz slp n slp n slp.. hehe.. din manage to take any pics of jayden with ah gong, ah ma n yi po coz he is sleeping and old folks say we cannnot take pics of baby when they r sleeping ..

Jayden at Day 27 - 3rd July 2008

Jayden with a new style.. almost botak head..
kpo again
the lookalike father n son
taken when we r lying together on the bed
jayden loves to be carried this way

Jayden 1st haircut

Date: 3rd Aug 2008 (sunday)

we engage some1 to help jayden cut his hair today.. darling and me want to use his hair to make a brush for him.. Jayden did not make any noise when the lady cut his hair but after that he becomes very cranky and keeps crying.. not sure if he's frightened o too cooling as his hair is now so short.. we din wan to cut him botak yet coz we are scare he might catch a cold hehe...

Jayden thick n long hair before the haircut
Jayden short to almost botak hair after the haircut
i took a video when the lady is cutting his hair.. see how well he's sleeping.. seem to b enjoying himself..

Monday, August 4, 2008

Jayden 1st Mth Celebration

Date: 2nd Aug 2008 (Saturday)

time flies, we are celebrating Jayden First Month today.. his official 1st mth is on 8th aug but it falls on fri and we wan to have the celebration on sat and the old folks say we cannot celebrate later and so we celebrated his 1st mth 6 days in advance...
darling and me woke up at 8am, picked MIL to go ah ma hse at AMK to collect glutenious rice, to collect ang ku kueh from confectionary shop and to buy 2 cooked chicken from hawker centre..
after tat, to our house to pray, then to MIL house to pray and finally to my mummy house to pray..
Jayden n Ah Yi
Jayden n Po Po
Jayden all ready to go out
jayden with po po and mummy
jayden with mummy
with mummy and daddy
jayden n ah ma 
ah ma buy jayden anklet and helps him put on 
 po po buy jayden an anklet too and put it on for him

we brought Jayden to Guan Yin Temple at Joo chiat in the afternoon, wanted to go the Guan Yin temple at Si Ma Lu but was worried it will be very crowded and Jayden may get afraid..

As today is Jayden's First Month, people say we have to cut Jayden hair and fingernail

me cutting Jayden hair
 daddy cutting jayden fingernails

we had buffet in the evening at our house to celebrate Jayden's First Month.. Many relatives and friends came with gifts and wishes for Jayden.. it's a very joyful event and i am glad all have enjoyed themselves..

will like to thanks all for their gifts and wishes for Jayden..

Deco on the Wall
My sis busy with the deco
Kevin busy with the balloons for deco
Favours for Relatives n Friends
With Shufen
with Tracy n Kum
Tracy, Kum n Shufen

My Cousins - Liting n Jianbao
My Xiaogu's Family
My Ah Ma and her present for Jayden - an Anklet
My Shu Shu's Family
My Ah Ma - Jayden's Greatgrandma
My Aunt - Jayden's Greataunt
the buffet is ready
Agar Agar Cake from my Brother
Ah gong putting on his present for Jayden
Jayden and his present
Jayden with Ah Gong n Ah Ma
Auntie Ah Hong
Yummy Yummy
Si Gu n Si Gim
Jac n her hubby
Kat, titan n tracy
laikong, marcus, jimmy, kat, titan n tracy
Jas n her hubby
my mummy fren
Jinfeng n huili
Ah Yin
Shuping n her bf
my fifth uncle
shuxian n her bf
Clara Jayden's Shu Shu n Shen Shen

going home
all cleared n good comments for the food