Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Jayden n Davion in same pose

Jayden n Davion always got same pose for some of the pics.. not sure if its bcoz they are  day diff or wat but i realise they have quite a lot in common hehe.. hehe... hope they will b the best of the best friends next time...


check this out.. they have the same pose n facial expression in this..

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jayden's 3rd and the last dose of Hep B Injection

jayden been having diarrhoea the past few days.. some say he could be teething and some say could be too heaty or infection.. whatever it is, today is the appt for Jayden for his last hep B jab n i would ask Doc Yip to check on Jayden..

super crowded in the clinic today.. waited for an hour and its our turn.. told Doc Yip about Jayden's Condition and he says diarrhoea for 3-4 times a day is alright but must give him more water so that he will not get dehydrated.. he proceed to give jayden his hep b jab after doing a thorough check for jayden.. my brave jayden never shout and cry today.. thumb up.. that's my boy.. hehe

jayden update:
weight: 8.09kg
height: 70.5cm

according to Doc Yip.. jayden is strong and steady and is very good with his mobile skills.. hehe..

Jayden on 18th Jan 2009 & TT 1st Birthday

this jayden always wan go gai gai, whenever the door is open he will walk in his walker to the door and look outside hehe mummy.. are we going gai gai??
no gai gai??

in the evening we went over to 326C4 Changi - Fountain View for TT 1 year old birthday celebration.. wanted to take Jayden go but he's been having diarreoa for the past few days and so i went with my hubby instead

the Star of the Day.. TT
davion looks so lonely.. jayden didi is not there to play with him

we stay for a while and went over to IL house for dinner.. we bring jayden over as ah gong ah ma wan play and see jayden..

like father like son.. jayden oso like car related things.. hehe..
see.. he can turn the steering wheel n change gear at the same time.. hehe..

jayden is able to hold n turn his bottle so that he can drink the bottle better..

Picking gong gong from Airport

date: 17th Jan 2008

my dad is back from Shanghai for CNY and we all go to the airport to pick him up.. jayden is so happy tat day...

not sure if jayden is happy or wat but he is so funny tat day..

Jayden is so lazy to take his teether

Jayden is teething soon and so i got him some teether for him to bite and to soothe his itchy gum but he is unwilling and lazy to take himself.. haha.. see he will bite when we hold it for him..

Jayden likes to smile

wakes up in the morning with jayden smiling happily at me.. my day is immediately brighten up.. i was checking my hp to see if there's any new messages and jayden keeps smiling n making his baby sound.. hehe.. i look at him and say take photo.. he smiles.. i stop and put down my fone, he frowns.. and when i take my camera up again.. he starts to smile again.. hehe.. he is asking me to take photo of him.. wahaha...

went for pedicure for CNY in the evening with my sis and stephanie.. my sis is tied up with work and so is unable to meet us early for dinner.. and so we had dinner at MOF..

my chicken set
stephanie tempura set

Jayden wan to kiss mummy

Jayden know what is kiss kiss now and sometimes he will wan to suddenly kiss me.. hehe.. see how he is forcing me to kiss kiss.. hehe
ok, mummy kiss kiss you..

Jayden at 13th Jan 2009

my sis is telling me that Jurong Point is bigger than before as they have expand and has a new block.. i have not get my new year clothes and so we decide to go there look look see see with mummy and jayden.. hehe..

walk around n not sure what to eat as we are too spoiled for choices.. end up we had lunch at their foodcourt as my mummy still prefers to have chinese n local food.. hehe..
everyone is saying jayden is so well trained when comes to taking pics.. hehe.. he will look at my camera and pose whenever i say "take photo take photo" hehe.. so vain rite.. hehe

in the evening we meet Stephanie and Melvin at Orchard Parade Hotel.. its their food tasting session and they invited me, darling and my mummy along too.. hehe..
Jayden at home with popo
the menu for the food tasting
Jayden with Godma at Orchard Parade Hotel
Jayden will look at the camera when i say take photo and this make it easier for us to take a pic together by me.. hehe
Jayden is posing for the shots

Jayden is able to hold his own milk bottle

the yummy food.. i never take all coz some dishes are the common dishes...

their 1st dish
this is nice.. scallop, prawn n celery
beancurd.. special rite??
dessert.. mango and sago.. my fav.. super yummy

Monday, January 12, 2009

Jayden on 12th Jan 2009

Jayden in sunglasses
the sunglasses belongs to my ah boy.. my teddy boy baby
po po bathing Jayden
opps.. faster cover.. don let u see..
Jayden will hold on to the side of tub when we are bathing him

Jayden's new toy.. i got it from an online spree
Jayden is concentrating on playing the toy

Jayden is playing with his new toy