Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mathew's 1st Birthday

brought Jayden to Chestnut Height Condo to celebrate Mathew's 1 year old birthday.. Fiona took a cab and on the way pick me n jayden up.. thruout the journey on the cab, jayden juz cannot sit still and keep disturbing Davion Gor Gor.. hehe..

Deco for Mathew's Birthday
the buffet setup
happy Jayden
Jayden n Birthday Boy Mathew Gor Gor
Jayden n Geneve Jie Jie
Jayden n Davion Gor Gor
Geneve Jie Jie, Jayden Di Di & Davion Gor Gor
Davion gor gor falls
marsh potato for Kids..
Birthday Boy
Jayden playing with balloons
Mathew Gor Gor pretty birthday cake, but too bad me n fiona left before they cut the cake hehe
mummy is always so noble.. look at fiona ma ma.. carrying her bao bei in stroller from 2nd floor to ground floor...

Jayden playing with balloons

mathew is so happy with so many guests celebrating his birthday

Friday, February 20, 2009

I feel so lousy today

Jayden had a fall today..

i put him right inside on the bed in my the other room n the mattress was placed with 1 side against the wall while i turn around to make milk.. i was thinking its alright since its so right in and tat i am only turning around for less than 2 mins to make his milk but when i turn around, he is at the edge of the bed and falls right infront of my eyes.. i din expect him to turn n flip so fast.. i was horrified n shocked at the moment he falls n was on the floor but 1 thing lucky is that... Jayden falls onto a mattress that i have laid on the floor under his sarong as we are scared that jayden will lift himself up in the sarong n will falls and so there is always a mattress under his sarong.. n so that is where jayden landed.. right in the middle of the mattress n nvr hit the metal bar of the sarong stand.. thou its lucky tat he has fall onto the mattress but still i feel so lousy n bad as his mummy.. he actually falls under my care.. n what if he flip another direction n fall onto the area where there is not mattress... almost cry when i see him cry so loudly but i have to stay calm to comfort him.. after a while of sayang.. he is alright, stop crying n start playing n laughing again... i hope he does not get a shock or wat.. so scare.. will monitor him closely...

sorry darling.. mummy will make sure u won fall again from the bed ok...

Jayden goes swimming again

been months since Jayden last goes swimming.. he has running nose and has recovered, so here he goes swimming again.. he is so excited n happy when we put him into the water..

see how hard he kicks in the water

Jayden at 18th Feb 2009

Jayden likes to stand but cannot stand on his own yet

i like the wordings on his t-shirt "mummy's honey and daddy's pet"

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Jayden 1st Birthday

Help needed!!!

Jayden will be 1 year old on 8th July 2009.. initially i am thinking of celebrating his birthday on 5th Jul 2009 but cannot coz his shu shu (hubby younger bro) will be having his customary wedding on 4th July 2009 and so we have decide to celebrate his chinese birthday date instead and so it will be 25th July 2009..

the problem now is tat i donoe where to hold his birthday party.. neither my side nor my hubby side has relatives or frens staying in condo and so function room in condo is out.. we do not wan to have it at home or my ILs house coz everytime got any function we will have it there.. so this time round i wan something diff.. i am thinking of aloha loyang but scare not accessible for our relatives as most of them stay at AMK.. headache now.. got any suggestions for me???


Jayden eating Ice Cream

Jayden has his first taste of ice cream n this boy loves it..

Jayden eats Ice Cream

Jayden has his first taste of ice cream n this boy loves it..

14th Feb 2009 - V Day & Wei/Sandy ROM

Date: 14th Feb 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!

a different V day celebration as today is also wei & sandy ROM at a glass house Labrador Park.. its a very special feeling.. their ceremony is at 6.30pm and in the afternoon, i meet MH to go style our hair and for makeup coz both mothers and the bride have pro makeup n hairstyle n so we 2 oso went to find 1 hehe..

the view of the glass house
and its bulit next to the swimming pool
the walkway and its decorated with sunflower wind vane by wei n sandy
bride mum helping to decorate the pool with rose pastels
their love pics
me and da sao MH.. we are both upgraded to da sao n er sao
the groom is ready
their wedding bands
feather pen, but both groom n bride nvr use it at all
the yummy yet expensive cake.. according to the bride, it costs $1.50 per small little piece
the bride's mum
calla lillies with their name n wedding date
personalised stand by me, darling n jayden
and this pair of bears is from us too from wedding thoughts
our father and mother.. MIL looks so diff today.. pretty rite...
the solemnisation table with deco
the bride is ready and the solemniser is here.. the one walking behind her..
backview of the bride
Stars of the Day
y is the groom waiting here?? what is he waiting for??
o.. the bride father is holding the bride to pass her to the hand of the groom
and the moment is finally here
exhanging ring..

saying the vows

i now pronouce u Man & Wife..
bride, groom, solemniser with both fathersa token of appreciation to the solemniser from the groom and bride
Group Photo.. Jayden is sleeping and so he is not inside the pic.. :(
groom n bride with da ge, da sao, er ge n er sao
bride n groom
the solemnisation table is replaced with a round table for us to have our dinner in the glass house
fighting for the frame
ok.. let's talk peace
kissing at a dangerous place.. hehe
da ge n da sao
me n darling
the sunflower wind vane.. we took one back for jayden
with da ge n da sao
with er ge n er sao
jayden with the pretty ah ma
our family shot
da ge, da sao
MIL and her 2 daughter in laws
jayden is happy after a good nap
look exp manicure n her wedding band
soliataire ring n the butterfyl cosage that she make for all the lady guests
jayden with shen shen
mother in law with her 3 daughter in law n her grandson jayden their photographer of the day.. marcus