Friday, March 27, 2009

22nd Mar 09 - Taipei Day 4

Date: 22nd March 2009

Taipei day 4..

breakfast at MOS Burger
special waiting area for ladies at MRT at night
taipei MRT

in the train going to xin Bei Tou
we are at xin bei tou
ladies soaking their feets in the hotspring
this is where we are going.. to see the main source for many hotspring areas
we are there.. its so hot that we cannot soak ourselves in it
see the smoke.. hehe.. this is how hot the hotspring is...
me n darling...
we feel we are like in heaven.. so dreamy... with the smoky effect

this made me miss jayden.. hehe.. got daddy, mummy n a baby.. like us..

after a walk upslope to the hotspring source, we meet up with anita and xiao xie, our supplier from taiwan.. its very sweet of them to bring us around today.. meihui wan to go to the flower show at Yang Ming Shan and so anita suggests we have lunch at yang ming shan.. along the way we pass by this uni and meihui was telling us.. after she graduate from sec sch in msia, she actually has plan to come to taipei to further her studies in this uni but objected by her parents and so she ended up working in Sin and met keong and is happily married now.. hehe..

the name of the restaurant where we are having lunch.. i really admire this preggie.. she can still climb up and down n can jump here jump there.. hehe..

the restaurant table settting a good place to sit down n relac
hehe.. for photo taking only.. the door cannot be opened...
this reminds me of my childhood.. darling.. i wan one at home too hehe

meihui says the hill behind us looks like bak chang
food we have in the restaurant
after lunch, we went to the flower show
along the way, we saw this path and so we walk down n is surprised to see this waterfall..

after that, anita took us to xi meng ding to shop and meihui wan to try their bitter gourd drink and so anita bring to us to 1.. their bitter gourd is white instead of green..
they bring us to rao he night market, we walk around and had dinner there...

the must try pepper biscuit in rao he market

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

20th Mar 2009 - Taipei Day 2

Date: 20th Mar 2009

our 2nd day in taipei and for the package we took, it comes with a free 1 day tour.. the coach n tour guide pick us up at the hotel early in the morning at 8am...

this is the hotel that we stay, i don really like this hotel.. the nearest MRT station is zhongshan station and to go xi meng ding n many places, we have to take the train to taipei station to change to the blue line and the walk from the red line to the blue line is long.. furthermore, the room is small and not nice at all.. hehe.. i willl still prefer to stay in hotel in xi meng ding area.. but too bad, rooms at xi meng ding are fully booked and we have no choice...
the focus is on the banner.. hehe.. so funny rite..
our 1st stop, guo fu ji nian guan..

the 6 of us..
next.. to jiu fen
nice scenery from the top...
the shopping and eatery street in Jiu Fen
this is where we have buy the local product
recommend by the tour guide to try.. their fish ball soup and lu ruo fan..
yu tou yuan with beancurd.. o this is very nice.. the beancurd is very fragrant and the yam dumpling is nice n QQ
another recommendation from the tour guide to try in jiu fen.. beef noodles.. the soup is nice with herbal and the noodle is QQ and the beef is tender...
next to a shop tat sells ling zhi, honey.. we took a pic with their tribal princesss...
after which, we went to zhong zheng ji nian tang
the guard here have to stand there for an hour without moving

they have a ceremony when they change shift

we then go to Gu Gong to see the emperor's items and antiques
and finally my 1st time in hot spring.. we took the personal hot spring and min u need to have 2 and max 3 in a room...
last stop of the day... shilin night market... eat n shop..
this is the section where you can find many nice n delicious food
smelly beancurd.. smell is smelly but the taste is good
the must try chicken cutlet in shilin

shopping street...