Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Jayden wan drive his mummy to go shopping??????

Jayden is like his daddy.. crazy over cars haha.. let him sit on the driver's seat and he will turn the steeling wheel and goes vroom vroom.. sometimes he will touch our water bottle beside him as if he is changing gear..

this is Jayden in Uncle Kevin car

and this is Jayden in daddy's car

Cannot leave Jayden in his sarong

As many of you know, Jayden will sleeps in the sarong in the day and on the bed at night.. when he is still a baby.. we can juz leave him to sleep in the sarong alone but now.. he cries only.. i have to rush to him straight.. if not...

he will turn n twist
trying to get down himself

and to sit in the sarong waiting for me to carry him

happy Jayden with Happy Po Po
Jayden with his tu tu n milk bottle
my darling is growing up
all ready to go gai gai

Jayden is 9 Month Old

Date: 8th April 2009

at 9 mth, jayden can sit on his own, stand on his own, walk 2-3 steps without support, yell Ma if i don look at him, cries when he know we are going out without him, anything he can catch hold on he will turn n goes vroom vroom, has preferences for the food, fixed feeding n sleeping time but.. his tooth is not out yet.. hehe..

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bought Jayden a highchair..

i feel its time to let jayden be on highchair so that he knows meal time is at where and won be like some kids.. u have to run around to feed them.. not sure if this method works but no harm trying it.. we got this highchair from IKEA at $25

always lifting his leg up whenever he sits down.. be it highchair or his stroller.. haiz.. so chou lou.. hehe...
see.. he pretend to cry when daddy scold him hehe...

Jayden playing with Balls...

like all boys.. Jayden likes to kick and throw balls.. hehe..

Jayden read newspaper

Jayden on toy car..

i love putting jayden on those toy cars at carrefour whenever we shop there.. his expression n actions are so funny and cute..


Jayden damaging his toys..

Jayden has a cold again.. look at his wet face.. hehe

Jayden is so violent.. he already breaks many of his toys.. this one is the worst 1 that he has damaged.. ah gong buys this for jayden from china when he goes guangzhou with wei wei tat day.. just like 2 weeks and the toy is gone hehe...

damaged by Jayden...

the video showing how jayden damage the toy.. celyn.. yu ze is not the only hooligan.. hehe... hehe.. i wonder wat will happen when jaydne n yu ze play toys together wahaha... wahaha...

Jayden can stand on his own

my naughty jayden in action again.. this time he can hold to anything that he can grap on.. stand up and start to walk.. few days back, he actually walk 2 steps without any support on his own.. i was telling my hubby.. this is so scary.. normally babies start walking 10 mth onwards.. jayden is only 9th mth and wan to walk walk liao.. headache.. my mum even says taking care of jayden on my own after she goes back shanghai with my dad.. i will slim down liao coz jayden is too active and you cannot leave him alone for even a min.. hehe..

Jayden to supermarket

Date: 15th March 2009

had dinner with po po and ah ma, da bo and da bo mu at vivo.. after dinner, we went shopping for groceries at Giant... let Jayden sits on the trolley and this kpo boy helps us with taking some of the light stuff hehe.. hehe.. and he is very happy to be on the trolley seat..

08th March 2009 - Jayden is 8mth Old

Date: 8th March 2009

Jayden is 8 month old..

at 8 mth, jayden is learning to crawl and can sit on his own for long.. has now start making more noises and will shake his head when you say "jayden don wan don wan" can support himself and stand for a while..

with tracy group member, they are at my house to do project together with me coz my group members don bother to meet up to do project and so i have to do with tracy and her grp member
jayden with auntie tracy

7th March 2009 - Marina Burrage

Date: 7th March 2009

i have never been to marina burrage and my super nice sis and kevin brought us there for a look and walk hehe.. nice place but too bad we are there at 3plus and its super duper hot till i don wanna go down the bridge to the other side hehe...