Wednesday, April 1, 2009

21st Mar 2009 - Taipei Day 3

Date: 21st Mar 2009

Taipei Day 3..
the everyday same same western breakfast set everyday same same oriental breakfast set
in MRT

we went to taipei 101 in the morning
the entrance to taipei 101 shopping
this foodcourt offers food from many parts of the world.. there's a store there that had the signboard.. Singapore Food...
to go up, you have to purchase tickets from the counter and then take the world fastest lift to go up to the 89th floor... its no joke... its really fast..


within seconds.. taipei is underneath our feet

there is an outdoor observery area and its a bit scary when i look down
how i wish i can shout from the top to my darling.. Lao Gong.. I love You

next, we took the MRT to wu fen pu shopping district.. o my its huge with many shops and we nvr finish shopping tat day as we are meeting one of our supplier at 6pm at our hotel lobby...

alight at this station and walk 10 mins to reach wu fen pu
many shops n streets in wu fen pu

we hurry back to hotel at 5.30 taking the MRT and lucky we are early and so we took a pic while we are waiting for them
streets in taipei are very bightly lit at night
they took us to a restaurant for authetic taiwanese cruisine.. o its good and its so good till i 4get to take many of the dishes.. hehe...
taiwan beer with taiwan food.. nicely match..
cold dish and its very special n nice
lu rou fan
pumpkin bee hoon
soup.. cannot rem the name
ma po fish n jing du porkribs
after dinner, they took us to dan shui for tea

the wife of one of the supplier, she is 5mth preg but she don look like 1..


Jas Sng said...

At the top 101 got 1 pic u standing on is glass or normal flr with projector effect?

Angeline Lim Yew Ching a.k.a You Qin said...

gal.. which 1???

Jas Sng said...

16th pic from the top

Angeline Lim Yew Ching a.k.a You Qin said...

o tat ah.. normal flr with projector hehe..