Thursday, April 2, 2009

Taipei Tao Yuan Airport - time to go Home

Bye to Taipei.. time to go back to Singapore.. super miss my Jayden to death.. yeah time to go back n hug hug him ^_^

i got a shock when we are walking towards the departing gate.. hehe.. its their symbol for wireless internet usage hehe

the departure level
their taiwan airline
going in.. bye taipei
the transit area

this catches my eye and i follow the direction
i was impressed..
hello kitty nursery room and its so cute and cosy

i wish i can change jayden diaper here hehe..

hello kitty everywhere
the door to the nursery room
hello kitty is taking me on a trip
hello kitty theme store
and a hello kitty waiting gate in the airport.. impressive rite.. i feel like a small kid here..
hello kitty playgroud
yeah.. this is a waiting gate.. a hello kitty waiting gate
even the chairs are in hello kitty
this remind me of my kindergarden days
i love this colour combi
this made me goes back to childhood days
hello.. hello kitty.. can you hear me???
and i cant help but get something from the store.. a hello kitty bag with 12 pkts of seaweed in it..
my fav cartoon character..
and another cute n nice nursery room
mickey mouse nursery room

this is a video of the hello kitty waiting area ^_^


Sandra =) said...

the changing rooms are so nice!

Fiona Zheng said...

wah u so pretty!!!!

Fiona Zheng said...

u seem to slim down le

Angeline Lim Yew Ching a.k.a You Qin said...

ya, how nice if we can have 1 at home too wahaha

Angeline Lim Yew Ching a.k.a You Qin said...

wahaha.. pretty.. slim down..wahaha.. fiona... muaks.. wan drink coffee.. haha

think camera angle bah.. haha..

been some times since we last met up.. when are we having a gathering again???

Fiona Zheng said...

none at tis moment. hehehe maybe Warren's full month??

Angeline Lim Yew Ching a.k.a You Qin said...

ya mayb bah.. hehe

Pauline Kum said...

u think i can bring jade there? is taipei baby friendly?

Angeline Lim Yew Ching a.k.a You Qin said...

hmnm for us.. we wouldnt wan take jayden to any country b4 he is 1.. firstly need take many things like milk powder and water is another issue to consider.. baby stomach still weak to germs and so we r not sure if the water thr is clean anot thou we can boil the water but still worried lor.. hehe.. we have plans to take him go zhihong auntie place at NZ when he can fully consume anything with us then at least no need to have headache on drinking water etc hehe...

Pauline Kum said...

i m thinkin jade is fully breastfeed. but u have a point on drinkin water though jade rarely drink water. my main concern is breastfeeding area. most shoppin center has baby room? i can breastfeed outside but i STILL dislike to attract stares... :>

Angeline Lim Yew Ching a.k.a You Qin said...

hmm.. breastfeed ah.. i not very sure in taipei.. hehe