Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Jayden can walk

Jayden can walk on his own.. his longest record is from my dining area to my sofa area.. if u been to my house b4, u will know the distance.. i won say its very far but for his age of 11mth, i am very happy already coz at least he is not like his stupid mummy, thats me.. according to my mum, stupid me only know how to walk at the age of 15mth hehe..

i guess now i have to be more careful with my boy that he can walk coz u won know where is he going to the very next min esp when he is at a curious stage now ^_^

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jayden standing on his own

Jayden can stand on his own for a few minutes but walking wise, only 1-2 steps n he will be on his fours crawling again..

8th June 2009 - Jayden is 11 Month Old

Jayden is 11 month old today.. But poor darling.. he is down with running nose and blocked nose and could not slp well the previous night.. bringing him to baby clinic to see doc.. poor bao bei..

doc says jayden is down with normal cold n will recover in 5-7days.. phui.. the weather so bad n there are cases of swine flu in singapore.. its kinda worried me when bao bei is sick..

anyway.. some updates on Jayden developement

Jayden nows:

- weighs 10.5kg
- can crawl at fast speed
- can recognise people and very sticky to me
- can stand on his own for quite some times and walk 1-2 steps on his own
- can climb up sofa, bed, stairs etc
- can grabs but don like to put biscuits into his mouth on his own.. i think he don like his hand to be sticky with the biscuits
- can call papa, mama, mum mum & nai nai.. when he is hungry, he will ask for milk by saying "yao nai nai"
- still don like to hold his own bottle coz he wan me to carry him in my arms to feed him

very soon, my baby is going to celebrate his 1st birthday.. i am a mother for a year soon.. can't imagine this.. seems like my baby is juz out and we are going to celebrate his 1st bday soon..

pple ard are asking when are you going to have a no2.. well.. i def will wan try for a no2 but i don think will be tat soon coz i wan to concentrate on taking good care of jayden 1st.. mayb will think of getting a no2 when he is 18month old.. but if accident happen.. then no choice.. hehe

Jayden Dancing

Jayden is so funny.. he will shake n dance when he hears this song by Luo Zhixiang on TV.. i can't rem the name of the song.. can some1 tell me the title??

I don't sleep, nobody sleeps

got this top for Jayden on babymallonline website coz i like the wordings on the top.. like wat the top states "I don't sleep, nobody sleeps".. this is very true for us.. sometimes me n darling are already exhuasted but Jayden is still very active n juz don't wan to slp.. hehe

Shopping at Ikea

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Jayden's Studio Shoots

Date: 1st June 2009

took Jayden to Yew Kwang Photography today for a studio photoshoot with darling.. the pics are all very nicely taken and we all like it alot.. have asked my sis and kevin to take 1/2 day leave to come and made Jayden smile n laugh more.. Yew Kwang took over 200pcs of pic for us and here are some that i have uploaded for u all to view.. for more pic.. well... u can see more on Jayden's 1st bday on 25th July.. will display it out for all to see.. ^_^ these are raw pics and so more editing wil be done..