Thursday, August 27, 2009

Jayden 1st toilet training

my mum feels its time to toilet train Jayden since he is already one year old.. the result?? mission not accomplished hehe..

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Jayden can count 1,2,3

when u count 1,2,3.. Jayden will count on his finger with u..

Jayden first oversea trip - Superstar Virgo Cruise - Day 2

Date: 01st Aug 2009

had breakfast n took Jayden for a swim in the baby pool.. the water is so cold till i dare not stay inside but my boy loves it..

gong gong relaxing by the pool
po po relaxing by the pool
the water is too cold n we are scare jayden will get a cold but he still wan to swim n so we bring him into the jaccuzi with us.. the water here is warmer n jayden loves it.. esp when the water is bubbling with bubbles.. hehe

lunch time.. we have their western meal n jayden oso wan to have his meal

bbq dinner by the pool

jayden is so funny.. he actually say bai bai (pray in hokkien when he sees this)

Jayden first oversea trip - Superstar Virgo Cruise - Day 1

Date: 31st July 2009

when Jayden is around a few mth old, we have already make him a passport and finally the passport is in use.. Jayden is one already and ah gong ah ma suggest taking him on a cruise ride and they ask my parents along since they are back for a week from China..

the view of the cruise
while waiting to broad the cruise
Jayden is the happiest among us

we are on board the cruise
Jayden new chair??

dinner time..

we walk around after dinner and we let jayden play ard in the acarde.. this boy loves car n motorbike only

while waiting for the casino to open.. we have some drinks in the lounge on the top deck.. Jayden has the most fun thr.. clapping n dancing to the music and songs.. running around n playing peek a boo with us..