Saturday, November 28, 2009

23rd Nov 2009 - dating with Darling

ever since jayden is born.. me n darling seldom go dating.. my mum is so nice.. she ask us to go dating more often when she is here with us.. hehe.. n so today we decide to go out for dinner on our own at a Japanese Resturant Shin Yuu at Greenwood Ave. I got this from website.. review has said that the food is nice n the sashimi is fresh.. It serves AlaCarte Japanese food and we feel the food is very nice thou its ard $60 per person.. overall exp of the restuarant is the food is nice n sashimi is sweet n fresh.. according to the manager.. they have 3 private rooms but must call to make advance booking.. we intend to jio keong, MH, si gim, si gu, dy, wei n steph next time too hehe..

Shin Yuu Japanese Restaurant
16 Greenwood Avenue
Hillcrest Park

Tel: +65 6763 4939

we watch movie 2012 at PS after dinner.. this show is very nice.. i wonder if the world is really coming to an end on 2012?? how will we die?? so scary hehe...

Monday, November 16, 2009

14th Nov 2009 - my belated bday with my friends

present from them, a french connection watch
jessie, ken, matthew

lai kong
andy and debbie
yummy cheesecake from them
make a wish

a lambogini drink from them.. they wan to knock me out.. but heng.. i was not drunk..

13th Nov 2009

we meet for dinner and YX is here too.. she is so cute..
so envy.. si gim is back to her pre preg figure so soon...
YX is so cute that everyone wanna play and disturb her..
angry face.. hehe.. julian gor gor keeps disturbing her till she is angry??? hehe
with Julia Jie Jie

the happy Lim Family

jayden with julia gu gu

the look a like father and daughter

9th Nov 2009 - Genting Day 3 and we are going home

we are going back today.. we are going to a temple in genting on the way down and going KL for a 2hr shopping

the statute of Lin Wu Tong

8th Nov 2009 - Genting Day 2

Jayden feeding daddy
we have dim sum for breakfast n its yummy
Jayden loves the cool weather and is running around.. having fun

i was telling darling.. must let jayden play outside to let him feel the cool weather n to take the classic genting photo of the stone wall hehe

jayden is very sticky to his daddy too.

we have dinner at a mushroom farm..

my god sister

kaixin jie jie.. throughout the whole trip, jayden loves to play with her n wanna hug her too hehe... she is 6mth older than jayden

jayden is not able to go on most of the rides in genting and so we took him to the merry go round and the 'godola' ride
but jayden don dare to sit on the horse and throughout the ride, we have to stand with him