Saturday, November 28, 2009

23rd Nov 2009 - dating with Darling

ever since jayden is born.. me n darling seldom go dating.. my mum is so nice.. she ask us to go dating more often when she is here with us.. hehe.. n so today we decide to go out for dinner on our own at a Japanese Resturant Shin Yuu at Greenwood Ave. I got this from website.. review has said that the food is nice n the sashimi is fresh.. It serves AlaCarte Japanese food and we feel the food is very nice thou its ard $60 per person.. overall exp of the restuarant is the food is nice n sashimi is sweet n fresh.. according to the manager.. they have 3 private rooms but must call to make advance booking.. we intend to jio keong, MH, si gim, si gu, dy, wei n steph next time too hehe..

Shin Yuu Japanese Restaurant
16 Greenwood Avenue
Hillcrest Park

Tel: +65 6763 4939

we watch movie 2012 at PS after dinner.. this show is very nice.. i wonder if the world is really coming to an end on 2012?? how will we die?? so scary hehe...

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