Saturday, November 14, 2009

23rd Oct 2009 - Korea Day 2 - Seoul to Jeju Island

Day 1 - Chan Brother's Itinerary

INCHEON – SEOUL – JEJU ISLAND (Bibimbap + Shabu Shabu Lunch/Seafood Steamboat dinner)

Upon arrival, start your sightseeing tour at Gyeongbok Palace, the largest and most beautiful among all palaces in Korea, was erected as the main palace of the new Joseon Dynasty in 1395 by Lee Seong-gye, King Taejo. Continue to the Royal Pass, where you will have a panoramic view of Seoul City, including 63 Building and N Seoul Tower with the use of telescope. Thereafter, go for a shopping spree at Dongdaemun before transfer to the airport for your flight to Jeju Island.

Gyeongbok Palace
all the court officers will stand at the parade next to their rank.. this is da chang jin rank
happen to see them walk past

the king seat
according to the tour guide.. touching this will bring us luck

the king has many houses like this.. different use during different purpose... like this house is used during winter so that the servants can burn woods inside the hole so that the king will stay warm
the king will keep all his books and records and money inside here

tiny door
they have different pple in different last time costume for tourist to take pic
nice scenery
our lunch - Shabu Shabu
me and jessie loves the background
me and kathy
me and ken
Dinner - Bibimbap + Seafood Steamboat dinner
Dinner - Bibimbap + Seafood Steamboat dinner
Dinner - Bibimbap + Seafood Steamboat dinner
then we took an 1hr domestic flight to Jeju Island from seoul.. its already 8plus when we checked in to the hotel and after putting down the luggage, we went out to explore around and to find yum yum food..

finally we settle down in this restuarant and here's my order of the spicy seafood ramen.. super shiok in the cold weather.. hot and spicy.. yummy yummy

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