Saturday, November 14, 2009

25th Oct 2009 - Korea Day 4 - Jeju Island

Chan Brother Itinerary

JEJU ISLAND (Korean Breakfast/Galbi Lunch/Ginseng Chicken Dinner)

This morning, visit Yongduam Rock before proceed to Cheonjiyeon Waterfall, one of the three most famous waterfalls on Jeju Island. Cheonjiyeon (meaning a waterfall connecting the sky and land) receives a large number of tourists to get their picture taken with the falls in the background. Not to miss the magnificent Junsangjeolli Cliff, was formed when the lava from Mt.Hallasan erupted into the sea of Jungmun. Thereafter, ride on the Hiflyer – Balloon Flight, which flies 150m above the Seogwipo World-cup Stadium. You can enjoy the refreshing sea off Seogwipo, amidst beautiful views of towering Halla Mountain and beautiful Seowipo Harbor. Next, visit the Teddy Bear Museum where it showcases a wide range of teddy bears including their most expensive Louis Vuitton Bear. Continue to Jeju Lotte Hotel, another filming site of “All In” drama where you will get to have a wonderful view of a royal garden with Dutch-styled Windmills. When you are on Magic Road, experience the strange phenomenon of going uphill when your vehicle’s engine is turned off.

Yongduam Rock - the rock is in the shape of a dragon

me and laikong
the local call them 土地公, according to the guide, pull his ear if u wan daughter, stick ur finger into his nose if u wan son and touch his tummy for 福气. so i pull his ear and touch his tummy hehe...

there's 2, 1 represent 武 and 1 represent 文, i pull the ear of the 文 so that my daughter will be gentle wahaha...
me n jessie , kathy cousin

Cheonjiyeon Waterfall

the orange juice in jeju is very nice
we are supposed to take the hot air balloon but the wind is too big and is not safe to go on the hot air balloon and so we change it go kart.. super fun..
after u've finished, you can see if u wan to have a "license", of coz its payable hehe...
Jeju BBQ lunch, this we never eat alot coz its too too too too salty.. its totally not edible at all..
Junsangjeolli Cliff, was formed when the lava from Mt.Hallasan erupted into the sea of Jungmun

next, my fav.. teddy bear museum.. the teddy bears there are all so cute.. how i wish all belong to me hehe

the most expensive bear.. LV bear

familiar?? yeah... the Goong Bear

look at the eyes.. its made of diamond
huge huge bear...

i wan a bear of this size...

this remind me of Lane Crawford in Orchard
Ginseng Chicken Soup Dinner

we went back pack luggage as we are taking the morning flight back to seoul tomolo.. after we have packed, we went to the drinking pub in our hotel...


Lurves Sunday said...

u guys stayed quite a few days in jeju!

Angeline Lim Yew Ching a.k.a You Qin said...

ya.. jeju is a very nice place but can b boring at night.. hehe