Saturday, November 14, 2009

28th Oct 2009 - Korea Day 7 - F&E

the other 5 tour members are taking the afternoon flight back to sin while the 6 of us are extending our stay to 31st Oct.. so in the morning we are to check out with them then to take our own transport to Hyundai Residence, an apartment that Kathy has booked online.. we wanted to leave our luggage with the hotel 1st before going to the apartment as we wanted to visit a temple that's nearby but at the very last min, we decide to juz walk ard to have breakfast and to wait for the transport that we have arranged to pick us up at 1pm..

we have our breakfast at a cafe and the cakes, breads and pastries are so nice and attractive

its still early after breakfast and we shop awhile at Uniqlo
this is the apartment that we are staying during our extension in seoul
the apartment is quite huge with a single sized bed, a queen sized bed and a sofa bed.. best of all its near 东大门, a shopping district in Seoul and its near subway

after unloading our luggages, time to go out and explore.. the guys are going to meet a korean fren that they have known when the 2 of them, sisters came to Singapore for holiday.. so the 3 of us go shopping at 东大门 then meet them at a time somewhere there..
that korean fren of theirs, Sunha is so friendly, she closes her fashion stall early so that she can bring us round.. look at the subway line.. super messy and complicated
she brings us to an area which i cannot rem the name of the street..

this is Sunha..

you are allowed to draw on the wall and this is our masterpiece

we are meeting Sunha's sis, mingshan for dinner and since its still early, she took us to this restaurant for korea pancake..
this is their single journey subway ticket
we meeting her sis at this restaurant that sells this, i cannot rem the name but this dish is very yummy and spicy.. shiok to have that esp when the weather is quite cold
when you are about to finish, the staff will take rice in and mix in the sauce for you..thou full but still its yummy this way..
next Sunha brings us go shopping and the guys went drinking with mingshan, we meet them after shopping for a drink before going back to rest

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