Saturday, November 14, 2009

29th Oct 2009 - Korea Day 8 - F&E

the view from our apartment

we went to 明洞 to shop and we have our lunch there..

the cake display along the street are so tempting

in 明洞, face product shop like skin food, faceshop, etude house etc, will have sales person outside the shop promoting their shop and to get customers into the shop
in the evening, we meet Hoyu's mum, a korean fren of laikong for dinner.. she took us to this posh jap restaurant and the food is yummy
the sashimi is so fresh and sweet
this is hoyu's mum, a very nice lady

after dinner, the 3 girls are meeting Sunha to go to a wholesale shopping centre in 东大门 and the guys are going for drinks.. this is the night view of 东大门
Sunha says it will be very crowded there and so she ask us to put on mask to protect ourselves.. my 1st time to shop wearing mask and its so uncomfortable

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