Saturday, November 14, 2009

30th Oct 2009 - Korea Day 9 - F&E

the guys came back very late yesterday and are still sleeping, we get ready and go for our last min shopping at 东大门 coz we are going back tomolo afternoon and at night we are meeting Sunha and her friends for dinner and clubbing..

so the 3 of us have lunch at this cafe

we went back to change and meet Sunha in the evening, she got us this cute teddy bear pancake

cannot rem the name of the street but its a university area and its one of their hottest place for clubbing, we had bbq dinner and its so nice and till today i am missing it..

we went KTV with her.. they oso have eng and mandarin songs.. their KTV is 1 hour and the room is quite nice

after that we went clubbing

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