Saturday, November 14, 2009

6th November 2009 - Mummy Qin's Birthday

this year is my 2nd year celebrating mummy's birthday.. mummy is treating us all to seafood dinner at seafood paradise.. last year i was sleeping and what they eat i cannot eat.. this year.. i can have some of the food they are having hehe.. my fav is shark fin soup but mummy don let me have alot coz she always wan me to have good and healthy food.. she says outside food got MSG and is not good for me.. hehe.. but still its yummy hehe..

mummy and 姨姨
妈妈 爸爸
the Lims

group shoot but where's papa and godpa???
mummy with godma and my little godbro melden.. melvier is at home with his ah ma.. godma says she is unable to handle both if both are there...
lychee martini birthday cake from pine garden by me and daddy
mummy is complaining that the numbers of candles are growing every year on her cake and she is upset abt this.. hehe
my mummy is one year older

i am helping mummy to blow out the candles on her cake
my daddy and mummy
after dinner, mummy ask 婆婆 to take me home.. she goes out with daddy, godma n godpa for some drinks at a cafe at jalan kayu