Monday, November 16, 2009

8th Nov 2009 - Genting Day 2

Jayden feeding daddy
we have dim sum for breakfast n its yummy
Jayden loves the cool weather and is running around.. having fun

i was telling darling.. must let jayden play outside to let him feel the cool weather n to take the classic genting photo of the stone wall hehe

jayden is very sticky to his daddy too.

we have dinner at a mushroom farm..

my god sister

kaixin jie jie.. throughout the whole trip, jayden loves to play with her n wanna hug her too hehe... she is 6mth older than jayden

jayden is not able to go on most of the rides in genting and so we took him to the merry go round and the 'godola' ride
but jayden don dare to sit on the horse and throughout the ride, we have to stand with him

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