Sunday, December 13, 2009

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Jayden is sick.. fever n cough

Jayden has been having fever since wed afternoon.. wed nite his temp goes up to 38.5degrees.. worried, we took him to see PD on thur, Jayden usual PD Doc Y Y Yip is on leave n so we have to see Doc William Yip.. doc says Jayden has bronchitis again.. he is coughing badly n is still having fever.. his temp will go up n down the range of 37.5 to 39 degrees.. the nurse at the clinic feeds him some fever medication n we waited for our turn.. went back with the medicine and neubiliser..

fri.. his temp still up n down the range of 38 n 39 degrees n he is very tired.. not much running around n is always crying n asking me to hug hug n super sticky to me.. he wan only me n no 1 else.. even his po po he oso don wan.. i cannot be out of his sight any min except when he slp.. even sleeping.. he will need me to tug him to bed n pat him..

sat.. temp is still high at 39.. worried.. we took him to PD again.. Doc Y Y Yip is in today.. he checked on Jayden and changes Jayden antibiotics coz i told him Jayden vomits whenever he takes the antibiotics.. Doc Yip says Jayden has to take antibiotics to get well soon.. temp is slightly lower at night after taking the fever medication n antibiotics..

sun, thats today.. Jayden fever is better but he is still coughing badly.. will continue him on neubiliser n his medication.. his next review is on tue.. do hope he will recover by then..

i am super tired n exhausted as Jayden is coughing badly.. so badly till its disturbing his sleep.. he will wake up, cries and hug me tightly.. wan me only.. n no one else.. even my mummy and darling he oso don wan n so i have to stand by for him.. the lack of slp n rest.. is terrible.. even i am down with sore throat n blocked nose now.. think the bad weather is making us fall sick............

Mickey Meet & Greet Session at Vivo

tracy has got tickets to the meet and greet session for disney characters at Vivocity and she gave those tickets to me.. initially jayden is quite happy n excited but when the prog starts, jayden is quite scare n cling on to me tightly.. hehe

the stage
Jayden is happy
Mickey Mouse
going up stage for photo taking
ready, smile..
a small part of the show


after the show, we took some photos there..