Saturday, January 9, 2010

my Darling Jayden is 18mth old today

Jayden is 18 month old today.. and i have DIY a present for him today.. a DIY photo collage that made up of all his baby photos and i stick them piece by piece with scotchtape.. n frame it on a large frame..

Jayden is a big boy now and is no longer a baby but a toddler.. at 18month old, Jayden is able to:
1) identify people and address some of them
eg: hubby > papa
me > mama
my FIL > gong
my MIL > ma
my dad > gong gong
my mum > popo
hubby eldest bro > ah pat
hubby bro > bu bu (suppose to b shu shu but he pronouce bu bu)
my sis > yee
my bro > ah gu
maid > tee (auntie but jayden call her tee)

2) can climb up stairs without holding to the railings, can run super fast and can climb up n down.. love the slide n playground

3) loves books.. have got him some hard cover books and sometimes u can hear him reading those books in his baby language and everyday without fail (unless i am not at home), he sure will ask me to read thru all the books to him..

4) love songs.. esp those kiddie sing along with animations.. he will wan us to on it everyday for him but dragging us to the DVD player n then he will say 开

5) love to eat rice but scare he cannot digest well and so only let him eat a small mouthful sometimes n for lunch n dinner, we are still giving porridge coz his lower back teeth are not grown yet.. wait till all his teeth are grown n we switch him to having rice for lunch n dinner.. but we will let him try most of the food that we eat coz i hope Jayden will not b a fussy eater next time

6) have registered him for Little Neuro Tree class and he will be attending "school" on every sun.. are looking ard for a school for him for playgroup class.. have yet to find one that me and darling like.. will enrol him soon coz he is already 18 mth old n its time for him to attend playgroup class n learn more things..

7) trying hard to toilet train him.. he know when he wan pee but he juz won tell me when he wan to pee n will juz urine out.. training him hard now..

8) love to go gai gai.. tell him we change n go gai gai.. he will take his shoes n wait for u.. n when we are back, we will take his shoes off for him n he will keep his shoes at the usual place whr we put his shoes..

9) vain now.. u tell him, "wow u look handsome in this set of clothes" n he will go to my room n look into the mirror n smile at his own image.. then will pose when u say u take photo for him

10) like making friends.. he will talk to kids when we go out in his own language.. n will wan play with them..

etc.. will update when i rem.. hehe..