Friday, February 26, 2010

Jayden loves to read??

almost everyday.. Jayden will brings his thomas story book to me.. asking me to read to him.. if i am busy.. he will read it on his own with his baby language..

Friday, February 5, 2010

Chinatown is lighted up.. CNY is coming

Ah gong told Daddy.. "Later, i wan bring xian xian to chinatown.. today lights up in chinatown.. wan take him go see lights, fire crackers and fireworks"..

Jayden is super excited to see the fireworks, firecrackers n the lights.. he keeps going wow wow hehe.. ah gong n ah ma are super happy to see their beloved grandson so happy...

Jayden with Ah Ma
CNY is coming.. i can feel spring is coming
Jayden has the best view...
ah ma spoiling her grandson.. Jayden wan 1 of this n ah ma buys for him.. Jayden loves this very much...
fire crackers.. thought Jayden will be frightened but he is excited n happy