Thursday, March 25, 2010

23rd Mar 2010 - Jayden 1st Lesson at Playgroup

After some discussion between Playgroup and Childcare for Jayden, we decide to let Jayden attends lesson at Playgroup first.. Monte Kids World at Hougang Green Branch has 8 trial lessons and we decide to let him try..

Lessons are twice a week, tue and thur per week.. yesterday was his 1st lesson and i left the class 10 mins before the lessons ends.. he don't realise his ma ma is gone till he saw my face from a tiny glass window and he starts shouting ma ma..

his next lesson tomolo.. i intend to left the class 30 mins before the class ends.. i wonder how will be cope.. hope he can cope well..

Jayden ready to go for class
this jie jie takes good care of Jayden
and Jayden loves to play with her too

Monday, March 8, 2010

8th mar 2010 - Jayden is 20 mth old today

Jayden is 20 mth old today.. 4 more months and darling is going to be a 2 yr old boy..

at 20 months..

Jayden can speak more single words n understand wat we are saying beta..

he can says:

papa = daddy

mama/mummy = mummy

gong = 爷爷

ma = 奶奶

gong gong = 外公

po po = 外婆

pak = 大伯

mmm = 大伯母

bu bu = 叔叔

zhen zhen = 婶婶

yee/ah yee = 阿姨

ah gu = 舅舅

jie jie = 姐姐

gor gor = 哥哥

mei mei = 妹妹

por = 姑婆/姨婆

a tee = auntie

kevi / ke = uncle kevin

car car


woowoo = areoplane


miow = cat



peg peg = pig

moo moo = cow

bear bear = bear

duck duck = duck

fis = fish

bek bek = 抱

bai bai = 拜拜 (pray)

pi = please

mum mum = eat

neh neh = milk



gonmas = thomas

kai = 开

mai = don wan / no

seh seh = teacher in jap

five = hi 5

shsh = urine (but he won wan to urine in his urine pot)

pot = urine pot

a du = mickey mouse


sometimes.. once in a while.. when i count.. one two three four.. he will says five

when count in chinese, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7.. he will says 8,9

i wonder if Jayden's speech level is at the right stage anot coz i have seen many whom are 5-6mth older than him speaking more words n some can even speak in sentences.. i am quite worried coz jayden is not able to speak in sentences yet..

many tell me i worried too much.. but how not to worry rite.. hehe...

Thursday, March 4, 2010

i need advice on Child Care

we are thinking of sending jayden to half day childcare so that he can get to learn more things at CC.. but then the prob now.. CC near my hse.. not much choice.. i am thinking b/w


1) cherie hearts
within walking distance and also very near my ILs house.. haven been to see this yet..

2) Kinderland
super near us.. juz opp and ard 5 mins walk.. many have been telling me.. kinderland.. not bad.. not sure too.. coz i haven go see the centre..

3) modern montessori
have been to see this centre.. quite satisfied with the overall... but its not very near me.. i have to take a bus that is 2 bus stop away.. on top of tat.. i have to walk 5 mins to take a bus there then 5mins walk in to the centre.. the sch fees is quite high too..


now my headache is.. wat do i have to look for when i search for CC.. distance or curriculum or meals or service.. i really do hope jayden can get to learn n pick up skills n knowledge from attending cc than staying home n stare at his mummy and maid hehe...

Jayden having french fries

now that Jayden is a big boy.. we sometimes let him eat on his own.. be it at home or out.. he loves to feed himself n thou he will always end up in a mess but am glad to see he is growing ^_^