Friday, May 28, 2010

26th May 2010 - 奶奶's birthday

It's my Mother In Law's bday and we had a simple celebration at our house.. homecooked 爱心牌 steamboat from me and is so happy to see all having a great time enjoying my cooking.. hehe..

Birthday Cake

Jayden is so happy when we take the cake out..

blowing the candles
a birthday kiss for ah ma
cutting the cake

Jayden playing with the shape sorter

Jayden is able to turn the different sides of the cubes for the different shapes. He can identify the shape circle and star and say what shape it is when you ask him..

Monday, May 17, 2010

17th May 2010.. Jayden has recovered..

Jayden flu has almost recovered.. thanks god n his appetiate is getting back again.. he can finish his porridge at 11.30am.. then 1.30pm asking for milk milk.. give him 240ml n he can finish it.. yeah... yeah.. been so worried the past few days.. coz my little boy is super active n so watever he eat will be exhausted at the end.. if he don eat well.. he will be even more skinner hehe...

i wake up 6am this morning... hoping to revise for my this wed exams while Jayden is still sleeping coz when he is awake.. its quite difficult for me to study coz he is very sticky n expect me to be ard him.. many say its like tat for 2nd preg.. he will be more sticky n demanding n very naughty.. how true lorz.. he is very demanding now.. he will cries n shout n jump when we don give him wat he wants.. of coz we don give in to him... o ya.. talking abt waking up early.. the moment i step out of my bed.. Jayden starts shouting mummy with his eyes closed.. i think he has anthena or motion sensor installed in him.. he can sense i am not sleeping beside him.. so end up i have to go back to bed n slp.. hehe...

revising my exams now.. thanks to my maid for helping me to look after him n play with him.. taking a short break after studying for a few hrs..

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Jayden is sick

Jayden has fever last night.. but we manage to bring the fever down.. he is also coughing n has running nose.. his appetiate is affected.. he is eating very little porridge but can still finish his 240ml of milk.. n so to make him fuller.. i add brown rice cereal to his milk..

i am glad his slp is not affected.. he still can slp well.. he took 2hrs nap in the afternoon.. slp at 11pm and all the way to 8.30am for his milk then back to slp till 10.00am.. he is still playing well n happy so i am so worried.. many kids are falling sick.. think its the weather.. making him barley drink now.. hopefully he can recover soon....