Sunday, August 22, 2010

I am 31 weeks preg...

31 weeks preg.. if bb J wan to come out 5 weeks earlier like his gor gor.. then in another 4 weeks, we will be carrying bb J in our arms.. but.. i am hoping i can go thru the normal preg pharse of at least 38 weeks.. if better still.. 40 weeks then he comes out.. hehe..

i have been experiencing short pull of menses cramp liked ard my tummy.. i think its braxton hicks.. many whom see my tummy now will say.. " you delivering soon?? my tummy is so huge that i myself feel its big.. hehe..

the photographer that i went to last wk for maternity shoots has send me all the pic in low resolution for me to choose.. here is one of the pc that she send me.. will upload the photos after i taken back from her.. i am very satisfied with the photos...

Updates on Jayden's HFMD - 4th & 5th Day

4th Day
there are one red spot on jayden's cheek, sole, finger & stomach.. apart from the appearing of the red spot.. he is having ulcer on his the other side of the mouth coz today when he says pain... he is pointing to the other side of his mouth.. am glad he is not refusing drops n cream for his ulcers.. in fact.. he will open his mouth when i tell him.. mummy put medicine for u and u won feel pain.. hehe.. he is drinking lots of water esp when he feels pain in his mouth.. his appetiate is better today.. he can finish 180-210ml milk, slightly more than 1/2 bowl of porridge for lunch, a stick of cheese for tea-time & a bowl of fried rice that i cooked for dinner

5th Day
the red spot on his finger n sole disappear today.. the 1 on his stomach is lightening.. only the 1 on his cheek is still red.. his ulcers are better coz he seldom say pain today and when u ask him.. ur mouth pain anot? he will reply u.. no more.. appetiate better than yesterday.. he can finish 210-240ml milk, more than 1/2 bowl of porridge for lunch, a piece of cake for tea time & 1 bowl of porridge.. my sis came to see him in the evening and got him fishball.. he loves fishball..

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Updates on Jayden's HFMD - 3rd day

today is his 3rd day of HFMD.. think his ulcers are recovering coz unlike the last 2 days he seldom come crying to me saying pain pain and pointing to his mouth.. he is playing n laughing happily juz like his usual self but he will get cranky sometimes n started to cry non-stop.. he is very sticky to me n darling these 2 days.. esp to darling.. he will cry for a long time and difficult to sooth him down when darling is not ard.. and he can't slp well at nights... these 2 nights i can only slp in the morning at ard 5am coz he wan to be patted to slp by me and when i stop... he will wake up and cry for mummy..
he has slim down alot and his weight has obviously dropped coz he is so much lighter when i carry him.. he used to drink at least 240-300ml milk but these 2 days.. he is only drinking 120-150ml milk and the most he can finish is 180ml.. i am giving him porridge these 3 days coz of his ulcers at the throat.. i scare it will b difficult for him to swallow if i give him rice.. before he is sick.. he can finish 1 whole bowl of porridge but these 2 days.. he is taking less than 1/2 a bowl...
will have to nurse him back to his weight of 14.5kg before he falls sick.. i really hope he can get well soon.. i think he is missing the days of going gai gai.. coz he will stand at the door and cry gai gai.. but for the sake of other kids.. i cannot be so wicked hehe.. i cannot bring him out.. poor boy...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

16th Aug 2010 - i am 30 weeks preg...

i am into my 30 weeks preg n today we are going for maternity photoshoot.. i din have one when i have jayden coz i look awful tat time.. but with jaycus i feel i still look ok n since darling says he wan stop at 2.. i told him i wan to have a maternity photoshoot.. he agree to it n to make the pic nicer.. i still went to style my hair.. super vain mummy wahaha...

my side view

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Jayden has HFMD

sun.. jayden is still actively running n playing.. we went shopping at vivo and since its only 8pm.. we decide to bring jayden to ah gong hse.. he was happily playing on the slide n going up n down the stairs n playing with ah gong n ah ma.. suddenly... his whole body feels warm n we left to go home at 10pm.. took his temp when we are home.. its 39degrees.. gosh.. he is having fever.. let him take medicine n pat him to slp.. whole nite.. i am monitoring his temperature.. feeding him medicine every 4hrs.. temp dropped a bit but still having fever...

mon.. his fever still have subside.. took his temp at 7am.. it went up to 39.5 degrees.. let him take medicine n make appt for him to go see doc.. he got watery stools n was vomitting the last few days.. doc check on his mouth n says he got throat infection as inside his mouth.. its very red.. his fever could be due to throat infection.. given him medicine n his fever is better.. up n down but not to as high as 39degrees..

tue.. the whole nite.. i nvr get to slp at all coz jayden is wailing the whole nite.. he wil slp n suddenly cry n shout.. n demand me to pat him the whole nite.. was super tired n lucky my maid took care of him in the morning when he wakes up so that i can slp.. when i wake up.. jayden came crying to me pointing inside his mouth n say pain.. my maid say she saw a pimple like dot on the side on jayden mouth... i ask him to open his mouth n i saw it too.. quickly called darling n ask him to come back to bring jayden to see doc again.. i scare HFMD.. doc examined him n says his whole throat has got ulcers.. she has to classified jayden for HFMD thou he got no red spots on his hands n feets as its the high peak now. i quickly inform jayden's childcare.. thought mayb he got it from sch but the principal says their last case is 2 weeks ago n that kid only came back for lesson after being certified by doc that he/she has recovered.. so i have absolutely no idea whr he got it from.. i do hope it's not HFMD since he got no red spots...

i called up gynae on my risk.. she says the risk is high for initial preg.. i am stable now n quite safe but i have to make sure i don't get fever.. need to go see her as soon as i got fever.. will monitor jayden n myself closely...

Friday, August 13, 2010

Jayden attending childcare

Jayden in his Cambridge Uniform.. they have 2 sets of uniform.. one is this shirt n short set and another is t-shirt n short set..
peeping him from outside..
he is enjoying his lesson
feeding himself during lunch
jayden's hair is getting longer and so we took him to cut his hair..
the t-shirt n shorts set

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

2nd Aug 2010 - 28 weeks checkup

i am into the 3rd trimester and today we had an appointment to see doc ang to check on bb j.. had a grown scan today.. the scan shows that bb j is growing well, tall n big..
he now has a weight of 1.5kg..
normal baby at this week is abt 1.2-1.3kg.. n he is 2 weeks bigger in size.. meaning.. instead of 28 week size baby.. he has a size of a 30 week baby... doc ang advise that if baby continues to grow at this stage.. most prob she will have to induce me at 38 weeks coz she would like me to have natural birth this time round too..

2nd Aug 2010 - Jayden first day at Child care

after some considerations, we decide to enrol Jayden for halfday childcare and slowly we will let him go for a full day childcare..

today is his 1st day.. he is a bit sticky to me still.. but will join his classmates n teachers in singing n story telling.. since today is his 1st day.. i stay with him throughout.. tomolo.. i am going to disappear a while.. hehe.. i hope he can get used to life at childcare soon..

he is able to feed himself n join his classmates for breakfast and lunch.. but he never had alot.. i guess most prob he is not used to their food yet.. hopefully he will get used to it and eat alot during meals..

he is super tired today.. he slept at 8.30pm.. been a super long time since he slpt so early..

Jayden in his uniform

weekend stay at MBS

yeah.. we are going for a night stay at MBS.. Marina Bay Sands.. thanks to long & stephanie.. long's membership card has points to exchange for a room and they offer to let us have the room.. its 31st July 2010.. NDP preview.. we are going to view the fireworks near to us in the comfort of a room... long, steph, melvier, my sis, my sis bf, wei, dy and dy mum came to the room for the close view of the fireworks.. its simply so nice...

Jayden is ready to go gai gai...


while checking in

when we open the room.. jayden is the happiest among all.. he runs straight to the window n goes wow wow wow...

the look a like father & son

the Sims Family

the Lims Family

i love the bed coz its faces the large window n the view is astonishing...

i wish to have a sofa like this in my room too.. but my room is too small for a cot & mattress for bb J n jayden.. how to accomodate this... hehe..

the sky park.. packed with people waiting for the planes to fly over us for the preview n for fireworks...

Jayden wanted to go swimming... but its too packed n so we told him we coming swimming tmr morning...

the helicopter with the Singapore Flag juz fly over us..

so close view

since they cannot go swimming at sky park.. they had a soak in the bathtub instead hehe..

my godson melvier..

the next day.. we are going home soon.. time for some last min pics.. wanted to go swimming at sky park but its raining n so its close..

and so last time soaking in bathtub before we go home..