Saturday, January 22, 2011

22nd Jan 2011 - Company Annual Dinner

every year before CNY, there will be a thanks the employee dinner..


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Funny Things from Jayden

1) brings to cut hair and after tat he says he wan go home
Jayden: mummy, i wan go home
Me: y u wan to go home??
Jayden: find popo
Me: and who else??
Jayden: didi
Me: y didi nvr come with u??
Jayden: didi no hair

2) saw a yellow taxi
Jayden: papa.. taxi... godpa drives

3) taking a nap in the afternoon
Jayden: mummy... call ah gu
Me: y call ah gu?
Jayden: i wan ask ah gu go see thomas

4) i go shopping alone
popo: u wan to find mummy??
Jayden: no.. mummy go see doctor, cut hair

5) papa angry with him
Jayden: mummy 抱抱.. den den scare papa
Me: papa angry with u
Jayden goes to papa: sorry papa, i love you

6) when i was away to BKK, my sis slept with him
My sis: ah yee tired already, u faster slp...
Jayden: den den onz onz.. ah yi beat beat
My sis: u faster close your eyes..
next min, jayden falls aslp.. hehe...