Monday, February 28, 2011

28th Feb 2011 - Singapore Flyer

yeah, we are going to the Singapore Flyer together.. and Jaycus is so happy...


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Jayden can speaks better these few days

my darling Jayden now speaks better after attending childcare...

1) Jaycus sleeps between me and hubby these few nights ..
  1. ask if Jayden wan slp with us.. he replies.. "no.. didi slp papa mama, den den slps bed bed"
  2. most of the times if Jayden wakes up in the middle of the night, he will climb onto our bed and demands to slp between us but these few nights, he sees didi slping with us.. he will ask me to hug hug him.. after hugging him awhile, he will walk back to his own bed n slp thru the night...

2) Jayden knows if we ask him wear shoes, we won carry and so the other day he refuses to wear shoes..

Us: den, wear ur shoes
Jayden: no need, no need wear shoes
Us: cannot, must wear shoes
Jayden: den den no wan wear shoes, wan bao bao
Us: ok. u wear shoes, papa bao bao u

and he wear his shoes

3) hubby workplace has lion dance on the 6th day of CNY.. hubby took jayden to go watch.. he came back and tell me

Jayden: mama, i go see dong dong chang, ah ma gives dong dong chang eat orange
me: dong dong chang got eat vege?
Jayden: no more vege
me: dong dong chang good boy eat vege, jayden naughty no eat vege
jayden: den den good boy... no wan eat vege (**faint)

now when i ask him wat dong dong chang eats.. he will replies me "ORANGE"

4) whenever we are out and its raining.. jayden will sings "rain rain go away, come again another day" and starts to shout "raining, raining" and cover his head with his hand

5) i am cutting things to cook soup, jayden came to the kitchen n says "for papa eats"... i ask him wat papa likes to eat.. he says "papa like fish"

6) went airport tat day, i want to hold jayden hand but he refuses to let him hold his hand.. he says "den den no wan hold mummy hand.. mummy hand hold papa hand"

7) went to the zoo on the 3rd day of CNY.. he is able to identify many animals in the zoo.. when he sees lions.. he told me "mummy i wan take one go home"

8) today when hubby took him home from sch "papa, i don wan go home, i wan go shopping"

us: "den, gong gong whr??"
jayden: "gong gong go china"
us: "popo go whr"??"
jayden: "popo go china with gong gong"
us: then ah yee go whr??
jayden: ah yee go with uncle kevin
us: papa go whr??
jayden: papa go work
us: mama go whr?
jayden: mama go see doc, cut hair (coz if i wan go out n he follows i will either tell him i go see doc or go cut hair coz he hates to go both of this)

10) taking jayden n jaycus to see Doc Chan
us: den, where are we going?
jayden: go see doc chan
us: u wan see doc chan
jayden: den den no wan see doc chan, didi sees doc chan

8th Feb 2011 - Jayden & Jaycus Injection

took jayden for his 2nd dose of Hep A jab and jaycus for his 6 in 1, pneumococcal and rotavirus oral jab...

Jaycus is now 68cm and 8.5kg at 3mth +, 7 more days to his 4th mth.. doc chan is very pleased with jaycus size coz she says jaycus is growing well n he looks like a 6-7mth old baby... Jaycus is a brave baby like his gor gor.. even thou he is injected twice on both his thigh.. he nvr cries.. juz a yell n ok already... as for jayden, no weight increase since Jan.. still at 15.5kg... next jab for jaycus will be at end of mar....