Monday, December 31, 2012

31st Dec 2012 - Papa Hong 33th Bday and New Year Eve

its time to say bye bye to 2012 and its oso hubby's bday.. we had a small dinner celebration at home... it rain the whole day today and so steamboat is the best on such a weather.. my sis, bil, bro, his gf, elder bil and sil came over to celebrate hubby bday together.. we never count down together thou.. and for the very 1st time we count down at home and i realise we can actually see fireworks from our balcony too.. hehe...
Happy birthday to my dear 老公 and Happy New Year to everyone...

31st Dec 2012 - Snow city

after a long persuation, hubby finally agreed to bring the boys to Snow City... yippee...
the admission price is Adult $15/pax (12 years old and above) and child Child $15/pax (3 years old to 11 years old).. the price include Jacket and Boots to enter the snow chamber..
• Admission fees include Usage of Snowtubes.
• Jackets and boots will be provided for each admission.
• All apparel sizes are subjected to availability.
• You are allowed to bring your own proper apparels. Management reserved the right to refused entry if you are not properly attired.
• Bermudas, shorts and traditional costume (such as Sari, Baju Kurung, etc.) are not considered proper attire.
• Wearing of long pants is compulsory.
• Wearing of socks is compulsory when using our house boots.
• No cameras/video cam are allowed in the Snow Chamber.
• For senior citizens, aged 55 years and above, they enjoy $2 Off admission prices at Snow City.
• Not valid with other discounts and promotions

 walking over to snow city from Science center..
 its a building on its own.. if you are driving and wan to go snow city, i will recommend u to park near the snow city instead coz its quite a long walk if you park at Science Centre...
 they provide jackets for all but if your kids are 3 yrs old and below, then you need to bring your own appropriate attire for them..

 as we are not allowed to bring camera into the snow chamber, we have to buy those pics taken by the photogrpahers inside.. they have quite a lot of photographers inside helping u take pic.. and u can choose the pic outside at the counter before going home.. the pic are priced at $20 per pc for 5 pieces and below.. if you buy 5 pcs and above, its $11 per piece and you get to download the softcopy of the chosen pic online...

 both the 2 silly boys are scare of this fake polar bear outside the chamber..
 the hood on the jacket caused jaycus hair to become flat hehe...

the boys have fun and Jayden ask us to bring him back again soon.. hehe...

Sunday, December 30, 2012

30th Dec 2012 - Late night shopping at Mustafa

hubby suggests going to Mustafa for a short late night shopping.. have been looking for this perfume for a long time.. the other day pauline was telling me i can find it at Mustafa.. so i go and try my luck there.. yippee.. i have found it.. thanks pauline..

30th Dec 2012 - Birthday Dinner with hubby at Carnivore

its hubby bday tomolo and we decide to go out on a bday date in the evening.. we are going to have our dinner together at Carnivore at Chijmes...

 this still water cost us $8
 shirley temple
 orange cooler
 salad and bbq meats...
 my silly hubby prefers to have chinese food.. look at his plate.. so empty..
 i made the reservation via email and told them its to celebrate hubby's bday.. they prepared a small tiramisu bday cake for hubby...
 Happy birthday dear.. love you...

Friday, December 28, 2012

28th Dec 2012 - Jayden's Last Day at his Childcare

Jayden is going to a new kindergarden next wed and so today is his last day at his current childcare.. as a token of appreciation, i got each teacher a box of choc and nicely wrapped with a customised thank you on each gift for each individual teacher.. i pass my cam to his teacher and ask them to help us take pic of Jayden with his classmates on his last day there...
wouls like to say a big THANK YOU to all the teachers from Cambridge Childcare.. i can see Jayden becoming more knowledgeable from his 2 yrs of education with Cambridge.. thank you so much..