Sunday, September 30, 2012

30th Sep to 1st Oct 2012 - one night stay at Equarius Hotel

Equarius is a newly open hotel at RWS.. its a nice hotel but i would prefer to stay at the beach villas near Equarius.. wonder when will i get the chance to stay beach villa.. hehe.. the pool and the environment is so nice and cozy at beach villa... this hotel is not near the casino area but within walking distance.. they have free shuttle bus every 15min intervals to ferry guests from Equarius to the rest of the hotels in RWS.. this free service is avaliable 24hrs.. when the bus is not in operation at night, they will drive the buggy to ferry the guests ard RWS hotels...
 the room is nice, spacious and cozy
 even Xinci is so happy at the hotel
 while the kids are resting in the hotel, the 4 of us went to Coca for dinner
 we have changed and getting ready to sleep..

 the next morning, we walk around the hotel for photos and to go for a swim, the pool at the beach villa is so nice but Jayden prefer to go Hard Rock Hotel pool.. so in the end we took the free shuttle bus to Hard Rock hotel


30th Sep 2012 - Kerrissa 1st Bday

its kerrissa 1st bday party today.. the party is from 1pm to 5pm.. but hubby has to go to work till 4pm and so my BIL who is not working today came to pick us at 2pm and hubby will come to the party after he off work.. the party is at Aloha Loyang Pavillion.. the theme is pink princess.. everything is so pinkish..

the deco
 2 buffet set up - vegetarian and halal

 they even have lucky draw for their guests.. 12 prizes in total and i nvr won any prize.. hehe

 here are the winners and their prize.. my FIL oso got a prize but i nvr take a pic of him coz my PIL left earlier
 photos of kerrissa photo shoot
 her 抓周.. she picks the calculator

 a dessert table full of sweet stuffs are set up.. here are some of the items of the sweet stuffs on the table
 photo taking and cake cutting time
 the star of the day.. Kerrissa Verneta Lin

hubby reaches at 5pm.. the party is over by the time he arrives.. hehe

Saturday, September 29, 2012

29th Sep 2012 - Dinner with hubby at 扬庆南鸡饭

our dinner at

29th Sep 2012 - Lantern strolling at RWS

we are go lantern strolling at RWS and to meet ah ma to go Equarius Hotel to authorise hubby to check in the next day as MIL has a free hotel stay at Equarius and she is giving it to us.. hehe..
getting ready to go RWS

 Walking around before meeting ah ma and keong

 he prefer the map over his lantern

 just in time to see fireworks

 going over to Equarius via free shuttle bus