Tuesday, October 16, 2012

15th Oct 2012 - Jayden is sick

Jayden had fever the previous night at the chalet.. he is feeling hot when we touch his forehead.. we nvr bring thermometer and so we quickly checkout, had mac breakfast and took him home.. it was 39.5degrees when we measure his tempreature, quicly feed his neurofen.. after 5hours, his fever is still high at 39degrees.. feed him medicine again.. but the fever don seem to get down at all... so no choice, we took him to Mt A emergency at 10pm.. the doc says he is having throat and ear infection.. med is pushed into his anus to bring down his tempreature.. after tat we are given medcine and go home.. today (16th oct), his fever is gone and he is active again.. but we will still monitor...

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