Tuesday, October 16, 2012

16th Oct 2012 - Happy 2nd Birthday to Jaycus

today is Jaycus's 2nd Birthday.. we had a simple celebration for him in his childcare.. Jayden didn't get to go coz he is sick at home.. he is having fever.. Jaycus is so happy to see us when we go to his class with his bday cake..
wake up in the morning feeling happy and ready to go school

 his classmates all r so excited to see the cake
 tam jiat boy dig the cream before we blow n cut cake
 see his work..
 grp photo with his classmates

 papa has to light the candles many times coz all of them will blow the candle off... hehe

 singing bday song.. not very loud coz most them cannot sing yet haha
 waiting to blow and eat his cake

 see.. digging the cream again

 he alone had 3 small pcs of cake...

 happy birthday my dear.. hope u have a great day... grow up well n heathly.. papa, mama n gorgor love u forever...

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