Saturday, October 20, 2012

19th Oct 2012 - USS Halloween 2012

its halloween night at USS.. cousin kenneth jio us all to go and hubby agrees to go with me coz he know i will be very scare.. true enough, i am scare coz i donoe whr those thing will jump out from.. its a truly great, new n exciting experience.. thou i cried at one of the huanted house but still i had great fun.. hubby says i sld not go halloween again, waste $$ but i told him.. i wan go again next year if got pple jip us go.. he shakes his head.. wahaha
dinner with MH n eileen at Sakai Sushi Vivo before going RWS to meet them
 super long q at USS

 all staffs are to dressed/makeup like tat

 hubby is not familiar with my cam n so this blur pic
 this is exp.. $13 per pack..

 living dead all over the place n they camouflauge well among us coz many r in home clothes like us.. they will suddenly jump out infront of u n scare u.. hehe..

 the mummy zone

 this last haunted house is the 1 that make me cry.. hehe.. its using the asylum theme.. many insane people are locked up in cages n many hidden doors where there will be pple jumping out from those doors and lots of bloody scene inside.. hehe...

 the next morning, my 2 darlings play with the lighted headband i buy at USS..

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