Monday, October 22, 2012

21st Oct 2012 - Happy Birthday to EL

our monthly birthday feasting for oct baby Eeling.. happy birthday to Eeling.. this time we meet for lunch at Irodori Jap Restaurant River View Hotel.. its ala-carte jap buffet.. yummy food juz that the service by the waitresses a bit slow due to lack of manpower.. but overall, we like this place and the food...

 Jayden n TT playing on their own
 cute cute beverly wan a share of her mummy food
 sashimi, sushi and the complimentary grilled prawn with cheese
 soba, raman n teapot soup
 gyoz, couquette, sweet potato, fried fish
 the grilled items..
 jayden surprise me by eating soba soup and tempura prawn
 the kids playing with each other
 pauline n her bunny tooth hehe
 with the birthday gal
 taking pic with the kids
 choc cake from prima deli..
Singing birthday song, blow the cake and cut the cake
 group photo

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