Tuesday, October 2, 2012

2nd Oct 2012 - Jaycus 1st Day to Childcare

Jaycus is going childcare today.. so happy that he spend the whole half day in school without crying.. i left him alone with the teachers after spending ard 1.5 to 2 hours with him in class.. on and off will go and peek at him and he is enjoying himself in class.. he started whinning mummy when he sees me haha.. but still he never cries when i MIA again after a while.. shall leave him in class after 1hour tomolo..
let him try Jayden uniform (size M) but we feel this size seem to be just nice on him and so we decide to let him wear size L uniform.. will take pic of him in his size L uniform tomolo.. hehe...

 ready to leave home.. so fast.. my 2 baobeis are going school together..


 he started to explore the whole classroom on his own...
 after 30min of exploring, he left the class on his own and ask his papa to go home..
 but the teachers manage to coax him back to class..
 with toys and story books
 he started to mingle around and make friends.. this is the 1st friend he shake hand with..
 throughout the whole lesson, he keeps following this meimei..
 concentrating during lesson time

getting ready to go outdoor
 spraying mosquito repellent for kids before going outdoor to play
 silly boy looking for someone to help him wear shoes

 running around happily

 poor tiam jiat boy.. he is hungry at 10.45am, but lunch is at 11.15am.. he started to whine say "wan rice", "wan nainai" haha.. told the teachers he can eat on his own but is messy.. hehe... but stil the teachers did help to feed him...

is glad he is willing to listen to his teachers and hold their hands


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