Tuesday, October 9, 2012

7th oct 2012 - Happy 1st Birthday to Brayden

Happy Birthday to Brayden..
After the show, we went over to Brayden bday party at Geok Ping House void deck.. its an animal theme bday party.. we had a great afternoon at the party.. Jayden had fun too...
Buffet from delihub
 Animal theme bday party
 buffet table for the kids with sweets and goodies
 Jayden is so attracted to this table.. hehe

 nice, beautiful animal cake
 cute animal mini cupcakes

 happy birthday...
 walking pet balloons
 cute Eliz..
 davion is in a bad mood.. lucky mr goh manage to coax him and talk sense to him.. he become better after mr goh speaks to him.

 yeah.. cheers to our friendship..
 this balloon is so cute and nice

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