Tuesday, October 9, 2012

7th Oct 2012 - Watching thomas at Expo with Fiona

together with Fiona, we took the 2 boys to watch Thomas Musical.. we missed the previous show coz the 2 of them are still young.. so glad we finally get to watch this together.. in short, this show is about the holiday makers together with fat controller's mum going to island of sodor to find the hidden treasure hidden by a pirate many years ago.. together with thomas and percy help, they really found the treasure...


 the visitors to Sodor
 the fat controller
 and percy
 they are taking the visitors and their luggages..
 gordon is here too
 and james too

 they found the hidden treasure

 telescope from Auntie Fiona
 nice red thomas t-shirt for Davion and Jayden.. thanks fiona

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