Friday, November 30, 2012

30th Nov 2012 - Hens Party for Debbie

Andy and Debbie wedding on this sun, 2nd Dec 2012 and so today we decide to spilt into 2 groups to separate celebrating hens party and stag party.. Before spilting, the gals met up at fareast plaza Nails Bar for mani and pedi session while the guys came later to meet us for a final discussion.. after tat we split and the guys with the groom went to red antz at princep street while the ladies are off to clarke quay with tasks for the bride to complete.. haha... We first go to Iguana Cafe for the bride to complete the 1st 2 tasks we have for her.. then we walk along clake quay for her to complete 3rd and 4th task.. along the way we met quite a few bride to be doing tasks too.. hehehe.. for the last task, it is completed at Aqua Nova
the 5 tasks we have for the bride:
1) Wear the bride to be spec that one of the jiemei Merilyn buys for her and she have to make sure at least 3 guys notice her in this bride to be specs...
2) Bottoms up a drink
3) Get a guy to buy her a drink
4) Take pic with 3 handsome guys
5) to find someone to dance with her and we take pic and video
the bride is super on and completed all the tasks.. we all have great fun..
Congrats again to Andy and Debbie, blissful wedding and have mini andy/debbie soon...
the bride to be spec
 the bride wanted to buy this hairclip for us for her wedding to match our dress but i told her this colour don match n may make us look like siow char bo..
 mani and pedi session..

 Dinner at Lucky Surabaya at Far East Plaza Level 5 with the guys
 off we go to clarke quay.. presenting the bride with her present

 first venue: Iguana Cafe
 we ordered a jug of lime margarita

 her task: to take pic with 3 handsome hunks.. the 1st 2 angmo we found is super duper drooling handsome haha...
 Another task: to get a guy to buy her a drink.. this guy is super nice.. he saw her walk past and approach her so she ask if he is willing to buy her a drink.. and he steadily says yes.. and he is so nice till he saw another bride to be and ask her to join debbie so that he can buy both of them a drink.. another ang mo from another table oso got them each a drink.. tequila pop.. after this 2 drinks, debbie is super duper high..
 to complete her final task, we go into aqau nova.. she insist to buy me and kat drinks.. so end up we each have a tequila lychee crouching tiger and blowjob (super power drink)

 we met this super onz lady in aqua nova

 cheers again to debbie wedding n our friendship...

Thursday, November 29, 2012

29th Nov 2012 - A walk at Punggol Waterway Park

keong and MH have not been to Punggol Waterway Park before and so hubby suggests going tonight after dinner since we can bring the kids out to ride and have fun..
Jayden is now able to ride bicycle on his own and so i have promise him that i will buy him a helmet and knee and hand protector.. another milestone for Jayden.. hope he can ride a 2 wheel bicycle soon.. good job bao bei...
 jayden with his bicycle from ah gong..
 these 2 darlings still cannot ride bicycle and so they have the privillege of getting someone to push them round the park

 a nice place to walk after dinner..
 there are 2 bridges there.. this is one the bridge
 xc is so cute.. always looking at Jaycus gorgor
 finally a shot with both of them looking at the cam
 another bridge

Jayden riding the bicycle

29th Nov 2012 - High Tea at Hyatt 10 Scotts

meet up with Sharon, a friend i know during Europe Honeymoon.. we met up for high tea at Grand Hyatt 10 Scotts.. the ambience is cozy and the food is nice.. the bill comes up to $45 per pax.. you get to have a freeflow 2 tier of goodies and there is also a small buffet table for hot items like scones, other types of pastry and cakes.. and on top of that you can to have freeflow of coffee, tea and juices... i will definitely go back there again...

 the nice layout for the 2 tier of goodies
 our fav for the day - crab cake - this is so yummy.. crispy on the outside and the filling is so yummy with thick crab filling
 this is also nice.. i think its pizza tart.. its taste like pizza but is a tart.. a bit sourish due to tomato and sweet..
 curry puff.. very crispy and the curry filling is nice
 another fav of sharon - salmon.. this is light and there is a sourish taste with fresh salmon.. i quite like this too...
 popiah.. this we find it not very nice.. the filling is not very nice.. and the skin quite thick
 i don like this but sharon find it ok.. its a deep fried item and the filling is a bit funny. donoe wat.. but i juz don like it...
 the second round

 ice cream in a jug..

there are more food but i never take pic.. a nice place and have told hubby that we go next time together...