Thursday, January 31, 2013

31st Jan 2013 - Dinner at New Harbour Cafe with the Gals

after the class, we initially wanted to go walk walk at the CNY pasar malam but we decide to find a place for dinner instead.. suggest to them to walk over to Tanjong Pagar for dinner.. this New Harbour Cafe & Bar food is yummy... i love their food... the new harbour cafe is located at 114, Tanjong Pagar Road.. do visit them if you are nearby...
 Sam and Theresa Iced Lemon Tea
 Mine and Pauline Rootbeer
  BBQ squids
 Hainanses Roast Pork.. this is a must order dish.. my fav food here... its crispy and nice..
 Chicken wings
 Sam's Sausage and Mash
 Pauline's Mixed Grill
 My must order each time i visit them, Yaki Udon
 Theresa's Aglio Olio

31st Jan 2013 - Hokkaido Cake Making with the Gals

we are going for baking class together.. hehe.. got this deal from Groupon at $93 for 2 person.. this is a 2 hours hands on hokkaido cake baking class... the lesson is being held at ITSI baking at kreta ayer.. according to the trainer.. for class with not more than 12 persons, it will be held here.. else it will be safra tao payoh..

 the equipments and ingredients for the class
 Janice sis, Lynn joined us as fiona is away on a biz trip to China...

 this is the recipe for the cake...
 time to get things working

 our cakes are successfully done and ready to bake
 a group pic before sending our cakes into the oven...
while our cakes are baking, the trainer demo how to whip the cream to the right consistency to be piped into the cake after it cooled down..
 tadah, our nice looking cake...
 trainer demostrating how to pipe the cream into the cake
 my cakes...

 its done.... we are allowed to take home 4 cakes each...
 cut 1 cake open to share and take pic...

this is a nice cake.. soft, fluffy.. even my hubby says its nice.. he finishes 2 at a go...
apart from holding various baking classes.. they also have corporate classes and customised class.. for more information, you can contact them at
and their address: 
Blk 333, Kreta Ayer Road, #02-32, Singapore 080333

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

30th Jan 2013 - Dinner date with my poly friends

wow.. when was the last time i meet them?? i think at least 2 years ago.. finally we are meeting tonight...
meeting Janet and Shufen at Nex for dinner.. Jayden wan to tag along and so i bring him along with me... they love Jayden and this silly boy like them too.. we had a great time catching up at Ichiban Boshi and Swensens.. shall meet up more oftem...

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Final Batch of Baking

yeah.. i am finally done with the final batch of baking.. this year, i have baked our usual pineapple tarts.. and also almond and peanut cookies.. my 1st year baking almond and peanut cookies and is glad that all whom try it say its nice.. hehe... EL and Theresa even supported me by buying from me... EL bought 4 bottles of almond cookies and Theresa bought 2 bottles of peanut cookies and 1 bottle of almond cookies, thanks pals for your support...


29th Jan 2013 - Jaycus is sick

The day before my bubbly Jaycus is still running around but at night, we touch him, he is feeling feverish, took his temp and it is at 39 degrees.. fed him fever med and put him to slp.. the next morning when he wakes up, he vomitted and is coughing... cny is round the corner and so we took him to see Doc Chan.. at the age of 2 years 3mth old, my baobei is 16.50kg...

Monday, January 28, 2013

28th Jan 2013 - Celebrating my brother 25th Bday

my brother bday is on 29th but we decide to celebrate 1 day in advance as my sis MIL bday is on the same day too.. this year my bro wants to have nasi lemak and so we are having nasi lemak party at home...
homecooked nasi lemak
 homecooked sambal chili
 breaded scallops 
 fried chicken wings
 fish slices
 luncheon meat
 lee wee brothers ikan billis
 otah from lee wee brothers
 curry vege...
 my brother do not like cake and so requested me to make him a steamed egg as bday cake.. haha
 my sis oso buy him a pandan chifon cake coz jayden calls his ah yi and tell her to buy a cake for ah gu.. he says its so sad without cake on bday.. hahaha