Sunday, January 13, 2013

13th Jan 2013 - Candice n Hazel bday at 10 Scotts Hyatt

it Candice and Hazel bday celebration for the Jan babies and we decide to have the celebration together at Scotts 10, Hyatt... this is my 2nd visit to Scotts10, Hyatt.. and so i am not going to mention anything abt the ambience etc but... on the service provided..
 i was rather satisfied and happy when i 1st visit them in Nov 12, and still tell my friends how nice the place is but today, i am extremely unhappy and very disappointed in the service and food... during my 1st visit, my friend and me was greeted and served upon arrival.. we do not have to request the waitress to send us the food tier.. food, drinks, requests are all delivered within mins.. but this time round, i am not greeted at the door and the food tier was not served immediately when i sit down... i have to ask the waitress to get it for me after 10mins and the worst part is the drinks, drinks we ordered take more than 20 mins to come.. I am not served any sygar syrup for my iced ginger tea and i have to share it with my fren over 1/4 filled sugar syrup jug.. was still not given sugar syrup when i order another cup of iced lemon tea.. finally i was given a pathetic small qty of sugar syrup when i ordered iced coffee but again, we have to share it...
this is suppose to be buffet but food are not refilled instantly and we have to again wait and wait.. and food we ordered are not served at all but rather were served food that we never order and from the other table as they do not wan it.. we haveto  reorder and reorder.. and still items are send wrongly or not send at all... kids are not given kids cutterly and can still tell us they have run out of kids cups..
the things that cheer us up are the gathering with frens over tea and to celebrate their bdays together.. don think i will visit them again coz i am very disappointed this time round... to pay $48++ per pax, i think its definitely not worth it...
not nice thai styled salad
scones are served at the end of everything..
birthday pie for the 2 birthday gals..
our presents for hazel
Happy Birthday to Candice, TT and Hazel..


Once again, Happy Birthday to Candice, Hazel, Mr Park and TT....


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